Meet ‘Witch’: The Fearless Mortar Commander Leading Ukraine’s Defense from the bunkers. Watch 2 videos.


In this exclusive report, we dive deep into the front line of the conflict in Ukraine’s Donbas region, featuring the fearless platoon commander known by the call-sign ‘Witch’ who orchestrates mortar strikes with precision and tact. As a part of the 241st Territorial Defense Brigade, Witch’s unique expertise and audacious spirit serve as the backbone for her infantry. Scripps News’ international correspondent, Jason Bellini, takes us into Witch’s battlefield bunker, where we witness the relentless drive of this lawyer-turned-warrior to protect her homeland, despite the overwhelming odds.

As she navigates Ukraine’s counteroffensive and directs walls of fire against the enemy forces, Witch’s story echoes the resilience of the Ukrainian people. As Witch outlines the tactical intricacies of fighting on foot in a landscape dominated by Russian minefields and artillery traps, we gain valuable insights into the difficulties faced by Ukraine’s infantry in their bid to push forward. Join us as we journey into a rarely seen perspective on the ground in Bakhmut, Ukraine, shedding light on the harsh realities of modern warfare.

Are we all just so proud of her & devotion to her country & peoples.Enjoy and share this site with others

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