The Second World War was fought everywhere; by land, by sea, by air — and by sheer production power.

German factory with a mass production line of Junkers Ju 87 ‘dive bomber’ aircraft, or Stukas, at the Junkers Headquarters, Dessau, Germany, circa 1939-1945. (Photo by European/FPG/Getty Images)

Here, we examine the industrial mobilisation of Germany’s production facilities and take an inside look at the many war factories that propped up Hitler’s ambitions of conquest.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in war factories

More images of war production factories

Workers, mostly women, build combat planes for Germany at a factory during World War II.
24th April 1945: American officers inspecting a row of partially completed German Heinkel 162 jet planes found in a salt mine at Westeregern, Germany. The German jetfighter program could have had a decisive effect had it been developed earlier. (Photo by Fred Ramage/Keystone/Getty Images)
circa 1945: Two female machinists use drill presses while working side-by-side in a homefront factory during World War II. Both women wear goggles, headscarves, and striped aprons. (Photo by Harold M. Lambert/Lambert/Getty Images)

This posting is just to introduce you to the video about just some of Hitlers war machine factories

5th April 1945: A group of liberated Jewish girls, who were used as slaves in a munition factory at the Nazi camp in Kaunitz, Germany, wearing overalls and coats with a yellow cross painted on their backs. (Photo by Fred Ramage/Keystone/Getty Images)

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