Suspect arrested in murder of Lauren Heike — Arizona woman found dead on hiking trail

A suspect was arrested Thursday evening in connection to the murder of Lauren Heike, the Arizona woman found dead along a hiking trail, according to authorities.

The man’s capture came five days after Heike’s body was discovered on a trail near her Phoenix home.

She appeared to have suffered trauma, authorities previously said.

Lauren Heike was found dead after going hiking on a trail near her Phoenix home.
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Phoenix police said the suspect, in his early 20s, was arrested at his home — about a mile from the trail where Heike, 29, was killed.

Telemundo Arizona captured footage of the man moments after he was arrested that shows him sitting on a sidewalk curb and at one point lying down on his back while handcuffed.

He then is shown being placed inside a police vehicle.

Telemundo Arizona footage captures police placing handcuffs on the suspect during the arrest.Telemundo Arizona

Telemundo Arizona footage shows the man moments after he was arrested, as police officers can be seen talking to him.
Telemundo Arizona

“With this information we hope that the community tonight can rest a little easier knowing that this person is off the streets,” police spokesperson Sergeant Melissa Soliz said during a brief Thursday night press conference.

Authorities confirmed the man seen in surveillance footage previously released by the department is the suspect who was nabbed.

Investigators in Phoenix are spotted at the scene where Lauren Heike went hiking.

He was linked to the slaying through DNA evidence, CBS 5 reported.

It’s unclear if the suspect and victim had any connection.

Phoenix Homicide Lt. James Hester previously said in a Wednesday briefing that Heike was likely attacked from behind, calling the assailant’s behavior “heinous.”

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