Mad Vlad Adolf Putin & the grim reaper cometh to put the Russian invaders through the Ukraine meat grinder slaughterhouse

I will huff & puff & blow your house down says Rusky [3 Little Pigs story] Putin madman war monger. And so he does by putting Russian young men through the slaughterhouse of the fierce brother & sister fighters in Ukraine, and destroying hospitals.airports, aged car facilities, shopping centres,schools, shelters, theaters,homes, apartment buildings & service infrastructures.

Murdering thousands of civilians in the process.It gets worse. The Russian soldiers sent to their their deaths by Adolf Putin & their bodies piled up in many areas of Ukraine to be eaten by ravenous dogs & hungry vultures.

Russian mothers & fathers be aware of what Putin is doing to your children.

Someone & everyone should tell the Russian people what this mad man Putin is doing & take him out.

Be mindful of the relationship between Putin & the Russian Orthodox church. Be careful in what you are being told. Do not believe the propaganda you are being fed by your government or church.They have done a deal to deceive you with non truths. Get your information elsewhere, but not them.BEWARE.

Author: acbocc

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