Bronx mom held in 2 sons’ murders was once on child welfare’s radar

She may have thought boys were possessed:

The Bronx mom accused of murdering her two young sons may have killed them because she believed they were possessed, law-enforcement sources said Sunday — as it was revealed she was once on the radar of the city’s child-welfare agency.

Dimone Fleming 22, had been obsessed with demonic possession, and cops are now investigating whether she killed her boys ages 3 and 11 months over it, sources said.

“She made statements about the devil — unusual statements,” a police source told The Post.

Fleming chillingly wrote on her Facebook page Saturday before the slayings, “It’s only one true God and I repent from all wrong doings and negative influence.

“Leaving all things that’s no longer serves me…… Thank you for your mercy,” the woman added.

Sources said Sunday that Fleming was previously probed by the Administration for Children’s Services after her oldest son, 3-year-old DeShawn Fleming, was born.

The mom was suspected of improperly caring for the boy, sources said.

Police said Dimone Fleming, 22, is suspected in the deaths of her 2 young sons.

It’s unclear what the findings of the probe were and what if any action was ever taken.

Fleming has been arrested but is under psychiatric evaluation and awaiting charges in the grisly slayings of DeShawn and her baby, Octavius Canada, at the family’s apartment in a city homeless shelter, police sources said.

The boys’ bodies were found under a pile of wet clothes in the bathtub, their necks and torsos brutally slashed.

A neighbor said he confronted a crazed-looking Fleming outside the Echo Place building Saturday as she repeated, “What I did?!”

Mourners gather at a memorial for the slain young brothers at Bronx shelter.

Cops who were then called to the address for a domestic disturbance arrived at 7:20 p.m. and found Fleming naked in the kitchen of her apartment trying to start a fire.

The officers didn’t notice that the two slain siblings were buried under a pile of clothing in the bathtub when they took the mom away. Officers had been told by a neighbor that the kids’ dad had them.

But police were dispatched back to the shelter around 8 p.m. after a frantic 911 call from the boys’ dad, Columbus Canada, 31 — who found his kids dead in the tub.

Neighbors and acquaintances said the family had lived at the shelter for about a year — and said Fleming had been spotted behaving bizarrely and mistreating the children.

Police investigators collect evidence from the scene of the murders.

“She never had patience,” claimed Michelle Rivera, a mom and childcare worker who said she knows the slain siblings’ father.

“You’re only [22] years old, and you can’t deal with your children?” she said of Fleming.

“Everyone offered their help on this block to these kids with her, and she never took the help,” Rivera said. “She always wanted to pick an argument.”

Police said Deshawn Fleming, 3, and 11-month-old Octavius Canada were found dead in a bathtub at a Bronx homeless shelter Saturday.Miguel Baldino

Two young brothers were declared dead after being found in a Bronx shelter.
Miguel Baldino

She said Fleming would lash out at the children, yelling, “Here’s your f–king bottle!”

An upstairs neighbor said the 11-month-old was nicknamed “Baby O.’’

A local resident added that she knew the children from nearby Echo Park, where they frequently played.

“The baby was really quiet,” the woman said. “DeShawn was the life of the park. He was just a happy kid.”

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