Bill Maher Says TikTok Is The Real Chinese Spy Balloon On ‘Real Time’ WATCH VIDEO

The Chinese promised they would never use a spy balloon to infiltrate and monitor America.

That’s what TikTok is for.

Last night on HBO‘s Real Time with Bill Maher, the topic of China came up a few times, considering the recent news that a Chinese spy balloon was spotted over Montana. During his opening monologue, he mentioned how people have been “freaking out” over the balloon’s presence.

“Now they know where we keep the cows,” Maher quipped. He noted the Chinese are denying that the balloon is being used to spy on us. “That’s what TikTok is for.”

The host disagrees with those who want to shoot it down, suggesting we pause. “We have to watch til it crashes and burns,” he said. “Like we’re doing with Kanye”sdfg,


The discovery of the balloon reignited critics of TikTok who say the video-sharing app should be banned in the U.S. for its alleged ability to collect data for Chinese intelligence. In a statement posted to Twitter, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte listed both the “spy balloon” and the CCP “spying on Americans through TikTok” as reasons he was “deeply troubled by the constant stream of alarming developments for our national security.”

Other Twitter users claimed that TikTok posed a much larger threat on U.S. intelligence than the spy balloon. Conservative political commentator Tim Young tweeted: “Sooo … everyone freaking out about one Chinese spy balloon … when over 80 million people in the US have TikTok on their phones … got it.”

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