Sometimes even the simplest things can become incredibly complex. And sometimes, even the most complex things can be explained simply.
There is no way for us to approach the complexities and nuances of this particular case that would do justice to either side, because the webs woven by both good and bad actors on either side of the scale have removed the ability to objectively come to a conclusion, one way or another, that is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” For that reason, we leave you to take the information both presented and made available, and come to your own conclusions.
Our story takes place in 2014, and starts on June 18th in the capital of Oklahoma state, Oklahoma City. It’s around 2 AM, and the Oklahoma City Police force is finishing their shift change at the Spring Lake Station. For some officers, the work day is just beginning, and for others, just ending.
One officer in particular that’s starting his journey home, is Daniel Holtzclaw. All is seemingly normal, with Officer Holtzclaw taking his regular route home, driving north on North Prospect Avenue in his assigned take-home patrol vehicle.
Something strange happens just minutes after leaving the station though. Before crossing North East 50th street, his vehicle’s GPS system loses connection, seemingly having lost all power.
In short order, it would be discovered that the disconnection was intentional, and caused by the only person in the vehicle at the time – Officer Daniel Holtzclaw.
A short time later, he would initiate a traffic stop – ant that triggered a cascade of life changing events.
What happened during that traffic stop that would escalate into having not only the event in question come under scrutiny, but also end with Holtzclaw receiving a 263-year prison sentence? This is the interrogation of Daniel Holtzclaw.
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