It is not just men who carry out horrendous crimes against against their fellow humans.
The following historical accounts of women with murderous intent will shock you
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Amelia Dyer

In the 1800s, Amelia Dyer made a living as a “baby farmer.” Parents with unwanted children would drop their kids off at her home and pay her a small fee to adopt them. In exchange, she promised, she’d take good care of their kids.

Instead, Dyer discarded the children, made them overdose on opioids, and hid their bodies. It took 30 horrifying years before anybody figured out her crimes. By the time she was caught, Dyer had murdered an estimated 400 children.

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Karla Homolka

One of Canada’s most brutal murder sprees started when Karla Homolka gave her boyfriend, Paul Bernardo, a horrifying Christmas gift: her 15-year-old sister. Karla Homolka let Bernardo violently rape her sister Tammy until she choked to death on her own vomit. From there, Bernardo and Homolka rained havoc on the country, working together to violently rape and murder young girls.
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Gwen Graham And Cathy Wood

This killer couple met when they were working in a nursing home in Michigan in the 1980s. To prove their love for one another, the pair started murdering patients by smothering them in their sleep. By the time they’d been caught, they’d killed five elderly patients, all as some twisted love game.
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Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos killed seven men over the course of a single year. Wuornos was making her living as a prostitute, but in 1989, she started murdering and robbing the clients who visited her. Wuornos insisted that everyone she’d killed was a rapist and that she’d killed them in self-defense. The story of her life was turned into the 2004 film Monster.
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Lavinia Fisher

America’s first female serial killer was Lavinia Fisher. Between 1818 and 1819, she and her husband John made their living by luring people into their homes and murdering them.

Legend has it that Lavinia would feed their visitors poisoned tea and invite them to lie down when they didn’t feel well. Then, while they rested, her husband John would stab them to death and rob them blind.

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Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova

Darya Saltykova, an 18th-century Russian noblewoman, would brutally beat and torture the young girls who worked for her so badly that more than 100 of them died at her hands. Their families cried out for justice, but because they were just peasants and Saltykova was connected with royalty, it took years before anyone even bothered to look into it.

When they finally checked her home, they found 138 of the serfs under her care had died, all under suspicious and brutal circumstances.

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Mary Bell

Mary Bell was only 10-years-old when she killed for the first time. She lured a four-year-old boy into an abandoned home and then strangled him to death with her bare hands.

After getting away with his first murder, Bell teamed up with a friend named Norma Bell to kill again. The pair attacked a three-year-old this time; cutting his flesh with scissors, mutilating his penis, and carving an “M” for “Mary” into his stomach.

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Myra Hindley

Over the course of two years in the early 1960s, Myra Hindley and her boyfriend Ian Brady murdered five children. Hindley would lure young children into their home so that Brady could brutally rape and murder them, sometimes, while she recorded the horrors. Greater Manchester Police/Getty Images
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Gesche Gottfried

In the early 19th century, German serial killer Gesche Gottfried poisoned 15 people — including her parents, her children, two of her husbands, and one fiancé. She’d kill those closest to her by slipping them rat poison in their food. After her victims began to feel sick, she’d tend to them and then continue to poison them. She was eventually caught and killed in a public execution in 1831.
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Rosemary West

Fred and Rosemary West‘s murder spree started when Rosemary lost her temper with her eight-year-old stepdaughter and beat her to death, hiding the body under the family’s porch. After getting her first taste of murder, she developed a taste for sadism.

Afterward, Rosemary started luring women into the house so that she and her husband, Fred, could rape and murder them. They didn’t stop with strangers, either as the pair sexually abused their own children, as well.

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Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory has been called the most prolific female killer of all time. This isn’t a wild claim because, between 1585 and 1609, she tortured and murdered an estimated 600 people.

At first, Bathory only murdered peasants, luring them in by hiring them as serving girls in her castle and then beating and torturing them to death. When she started to realize that she was getting away with it, though, she started to lure in some of the lesser gentry, as well.

She’d burn, starve, and mutilate the girls under her care. She’d scald them with tongs, cover them in honey and ants, and even bite the flesh off of their faces before giving them the mercy of death.Wikimedia Commons

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Dorothea Puente

Dorothea Puente was known as the “Death House Landlady.” During the 1980s, she would invite tenants to move into her boarding house and would end up giving them a place to rest underneath her backyard.

Puente would load up her tenants up pills and drugs until they overdosed, then suffocate them while they were unconscious and bury them out back. By the time she was caught, Puente had already killed at least nine people.

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Leonarda Cianciulli

The so-called “Soap-Maker of Correggio” didn’t just murder three women. She served them to three of her friends.

When Leonarda Cianciulli’s son went off to war, she became convinced that the only way to keep him safe was through sacrifice. And so she lured a woman into her home, drugged her, hacked her body into pieces, and used her remains to make soap and teacakes — which she then served to her friends.

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Helene Jegado

In mid-19th century France, a domestic servant named Hélène Jégado managed to murder 27 people over the course of 18 years. Jégado murdered the people she was asked to care for by sneaking arsenic into their food. She slaughtered her own family and nearly every person who dared to employ her.
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Juana Barraza

By day, Juana Barraza was a Mexican professional wrestler called “The Silent Lady.” But by night, she was a mass-murderer.

Between 1998 and 2006, Barraza killed an estimated 40 elderly women. She would trick them into thinking that she was going to help them sign up for welfare programs, and then either bludgeon or strangle them to death. She later explained that she killed the women because they reminded her of her mother.

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Genene Jones

Between 1977 and 1982, Texas nurse Genene Jones killed upwards of 42 babies under her care. She injected the children with a paralyzing drug called succinylcholine, causing their little hearts to stop.

She’d killed them, as Jones would later tell the police, because she thought the hospital needed a pediatric intensive care unit and, apparently, that was worth the lives of 46 babies.

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Miyuki Ishikawa

In the early 1940s, Miyuki Ishikawa killed an estimated 103 newborn babies and sometimes, made their parents pay for the service.

While working in a maternity hospital, she became convinced that some of the babies of the poor would be better off if they were never born at all. She started deliberately neglecting children and letting them die, often with the parents’ support. She’d quote them a fee to murder their babies, then tell them how much more it would cost if they tried to raise them alive.

Despite having massacred more than 100 children, Ishikawa was only given four years in prison.Wikimedia Commons

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The brutality & horror of these women’s victims is repugnant to all that bear witness to these crimes
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