Mad Vlad feels bad.So sad. We are glad.Putin is ‘losing his sight and has been given three years to live by doctors’, Russian spy claims

The ailing despot has been seen shaking uncontrollably in televised meetings

The spook told The Mirror the diagnosis meant Putin has “no more than two to three years to stay alive” and is causing him to lose his sight.

“We are told he is suffering from headaches and when he appears on TV he needs pieces of paper with everything written in huge letters to read what he’s going to say,” he revealed.

“They are so big each page can only hold a couple of sentences. His eyesight is seriously worsening.

“And his limbs are now also shaking uncontrollably.”

VLADIMIR Putin is “losing his sight and has been given three years to live by his doctors”, a Russian spy has claimed.

The member of Putin‘s super secretive FSB spy force said the ailing autocrat “has a severe form of rapidly progressing cancer“.

It comes as Putin’s ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin refused to comment on the state of his leader’s health.

Speaking with the BBC, Kelin said he would “not comment on President Putin… I am not speculating”.

The Russian leader was spotted squirming and moving uncontrollably when he met with Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi last week.

Mad Vlad was caught on camera awkwardly perched on his chair and sat hunched forward and kept twitching his feet and rubbing his fingers.

News of Putin’s terminal diagnosis emerged in a secret message from the Russian spy for FSB defector Boris Karpichkov, who’s now living out his days in Britain.

The spy told Karpichkov that Putin has to squint at huge lettering and is terrifying staff with unpredictable mood changes.

“He won’t wear glasses to help because that would be a sign of weakness,” the message added.

“He used to be composed with subordinates but now he has outbursts of uncontrolled fury. He has gone completely nuts and trusts almost no one.”

It comes as Ukrainian spymaster Kyrylo Budanov said the Russian despot was suffering “several serious illnesses” including cancer.

Budanov claimed Putin was also in a “confused” state mentally and has “significantly reduced” access to those outside his inner circle.

The Russian leader’s bizarre appearance recently sparked rumours that footage of him had been edited while he supposedly underwent treatment for cancer.

During a virtual meeting of Russia‘s security council, Putin‘s head appeared “bloated” with some suggesting it was actually photoshopped.

Back in March, a video posted on Reddit speculated that Mad Vlad used a green screen to fake a TV meeting while in isolation after his hand was seen “going through a microphone”.

The Russian tyrant is widely reported to be suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s Disease while a top oligarch has claimed he is “very ill with blood cancer,”

An investigation by Russian independent journalists found that Putin was surrounded permanently by a large medical team led by a specialist thyroid cancer surgeon. 

Another version is that he is suffering from abdominal cancer.

In a recent video, Putin seemed to retch and splutter as he gripped the table for support during talks with ally Sergey Chemezov.

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