Teen Girl Planned On Killing Herself, Kills Her Mother Instead

Teen Girl Planned On Killing Herself, Kills Her Mother Instead

In November 2013, 19-year-old Rachel Hutson made plans to kill herself in her family’s Chesapeake, Virginia home. Hutson was continually arguing with her parents and felt like ending her life. When her father was out of the house shopping, Hutson began preparing for her suicide. She wrote a note and loaded her gun but then she started thinking about who would find her body. Hutson believed her 58-year-old mother, Susan Lee, would likely discover her corpse. The girl thought that would devastate her mother as Lee was in poor health after suffering multiple heart attacks and kidney failure.

It was then that Hutson decided to kill her ailing mother and then herself.

She went into her mother’s room and shot her in the head, instantly killing her. Instead of turning the gun on herself as she had planned, she called her father just to talk. She confessed her crime but her father did not believe her to be capable of such a thing. Hutson then snapped a photo of her dead mother and sent it to her father in a text message.

Hutson’s father, Donald, talked her out of killing herself while on the phone. She was subsequently arrested for the murder and sentenced to 18 years in prison.






Henry Sapiecha

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