Police And Other Officials Describe 21 Worst Crime Scenes They’ve Ever Set Eyes On

Police And Other Officials Describe 21 Worst Crime Scenes They’ve Ever Set Eyes On

When you hear the term “crime scene” you no doubt think of a glossy detective show, caution tape blowing in the wind, blue and red lights flashing wildly, a detective taking off his sunglasses and uttering a witty pun. But crime isn’t limited to primetime, and the truth is that the most horrifying crime scenes are the real-life ones; the ones too gruesome to be shown on TV. They’re the bloody, deranged, tragic crime scenes that shocked police.

Be warned: the stories contained within this list are nightmarish scenarios that have haunted even the most grizzled law officers.. When police describe the worst crime scenes they’ve ever seen, many of them say that if they could wipe the scene from their memory they would. With that warning in mind, below you’ll find descriptions, in their own words, from the police officers and first responders that came across these real-life crime scenes and remain haunted by them to this veryb day.

1…A Man Responded To His Wife’s Alleged Infidelity By Beheading Her And Killing Their 3 Kids

A man lived in an apartment with his three kids and wife. He goes to work and comes home at night, and one of his kids comes up to him and says “I saw mommy kissing the neighbors pee pee.” He slit each of his children’s throats while they slept and cut his wife’s head off. He left it on the kitchen table and smoked a cigarette calmly after calling 911 on himself. (The officer) said seeing the kids in their own beds with open throats covered in blood fucked him up big time.

2…Someone Thought He Was A Dog And he Bit Through A Person’s Throat

There was this schizophrenic guy who was convinced he was a dog. Now that might just sound sad and pathetic, but the guy actually bit someone in the throat and shredded his jugular. He tried to do it in jail as well, and he now has to be fitted with a muzzle 24/7.

3…A Woman Jumped Off A 9 Story Building And Survived Long Enough To Have A Conversation before she died

A suicidal female walked to the top of a 9 story hospital parking garage. She did a backwards swan dive off the top trying to kill herself. She ended up landing on both of her feet, which took all the impact. Every bone from her feet up to her first rib was shattered but somehow she was still alive when I got to her. She looked like a slinky as the EMTs picked her up from the ground to transport her, which in the end was futile. But for the few minutes I was on scene with her I was able to speak to the woman, who was still conscious. It was the most peaceful and eerily quiet conversation I had with a person who knew they were dead.

4…The Family Dog Was Licking Up Its Owners Severed Head

My father was a detective in the middle of his career. He told me of a crime scene where someone had hacked up his wife’s head with an axe. When they went in, the family’s dog was licking up the blood and brain matter.

5…A Son Chopped Off His Mother’s Head And Jumped In Front Of A Train

My dad is a police officer and they had a scene the day before Halloween. This kid killed his mom and chopped off her head and dragged her body into the street and then he jumped in front of a train. Meanwhile, this woman walking by thought it was a Halloween prank and picked up the ladies head. When she realized it was real she tossed it far away so the crime scene was in like, seven different places because of her and her son.

6…A Hungry Dog Ate The Face Of Its Deceased Owner, But The Owner Wasn’t Dead Yet

I recently went on a ride along and got to hear a number of stories that happened here in Portland. The absolute worst story was regarding a woman who had died in her home. The police arrived, cleared the home, and found the woman lying in her living room. The neighbors hadn’t seen her for a while, so they believed she had been there for a number of days. She also had a dog, and when the dog got hungry, it started to eat her face. Her cheeks were gone, as was the skin around her neck and forehead. They started their regular procedures when a cop thought he heard something and examined her closer. SHE WAS BREATHING. It was faint, but she was absolutely breathing. A stroke or some sort of brain aneurysm had paralyzed her and taken her speech. She had to lay there and literally have her face eaten off her by a dog she couldn’t feed. She died later in the ICU.

7…A Man Jumped Off A Parking Structure And His Brain Popped Out Of His Head

My very first crime scene was a man who had recently been diagnosed with terminal stages of cancer decided to prematurely end his life. He jumped in the early morning from a five story parking structure. He landed in such a way that his brain pretty much “popped” out of his head. When we found him, his brain was fully intact…but sitting in a puddle of blood exactly 23 feet from his body. He left a note apologizing “to whomever finds my body” and asking that his wife and daughter were cared for.

8…A Paraplegic Student Was Found Dead In His Dorm, His Face Submerged In Vomit

An RA at a dormitory had reported a bad smell to a maintenance worker. The maintenance worker keyed into a room on the first floor after knocking and getting no answer. He said when he opened the door, he recognized the smell and immediately called us. A paraplegic student had committed suicide by overdosing on prescription medication. We found him in his wheelchair with his head in the sink. Apparently he was vomiting into the sink, and the sink had clogged up. His head was partially submerged in vomit, and, as the A/C was off, he was very, very ripe. I couldn’t seem to get that smell out of my uniform no matter how many times I washed it. He didn’t leave a note, but we found out later he sent a text message to a girl he was fond of. She ignored it, thinking he was just being dramatic.

9…A Traffic Accident Resulted In Three Deaths and A Corpse Flattened To Nine Feet Long

A 7 and a half ton vehicle lost control on a highway, crossed all three lanes, went through the central median, hitting several vehicles on the opposite side of the road. One of these vehicles was a Mercedes Sprinter van. The impact flattened the Mercedes from the driver’s side across the vehicle’s back. The passenger walked away with a minor head injury, but the driver’s body had been stretched to approximately 9ft long due to the impact force. The occupants of the 7 and a half ton truck were both dead, the impact being on the front driver’s side corner diagonally across the cab; the driver was decapitated from his chin up, the passenger was decapitated from the middle of her nose up. Extracting the remains was… an interesting experience.

10…A Woman Was Struck By A Car Travelling 120km/h

Some years ago a coked up driver hit a woman in central Copenhagen. She was hit with about 120km/h while crossing the street with her boyfriend in hand. Her body flew about 100m down the street.

When the first patrol car arrived at the place of impact, the boyfriend was sitting beside the body and caressing her head . It took three officers to pull him away from his ladylfriend.

The driver was a well know man that had done something close to this before.

11…A Pleasant Food Cooking Aroma In a Burning Alley Turned Out To Be Something Horrific

A friend of mine’s dad is a cop. He told the story of the time he was called to investigate a fire that was lit in an alley-way. This was mid-day and he’d yet to eat lunch and had skipped breakfast. Upon arriving to the scene noticed a particularly appetizing aroma coming from the fire. His mouth was involuntarily watering. Turns out the fire was an ignited carpet, rolled up, with a dead person wrapped up inside of it.

12…A Decapitation Was Met With An Electrocution In A Traffic Accident

My step-father worked traffic homicide for a number of years, and encountered any number of frankly gruesome things, but the story I remember really sticking out in my mind involved a car hitting a electric pole on a rainy night. The car’s occupant had, in the course of the accident, become decapitated – head sheared completely off. The electric pole was severely damaged, one of the lines breaking and falling down to rest in a puddle – which now also contained the severed head. The electrical charge was, apparently, causing the head to bounce and sizzle in a very disconcerting fashion, to put it mildly.

13…A Son Came Accross His Mother With Bugs Pouring Out Of Her Face

A 95 year old lady who lived alone and stopped answering phone calls from her son. He went to her house and found her about a week later. She died while in the bathtub. Her head was resting on the edge of the tub, looking up, with her mouth extremely wide open. She had hundreds of bugs pouring out of her eyes, nose and mouth. It was straight out of a vampire horror movie. You could smell it from the front porch. I felt really bad for her son. No one should ever have to see their mother like that.

14…An AK-47 Shooting Resulted In A Gruesome Corpse

I saw four guys blown away with a ak-47 that had a double drum clip. One guys face looked like the predator.

15…A Man Beat His Wife To Death With A Toilet Tank Lid

A guy came back mid deployment and asked his wife for an Xbox. She stated that they didnt have enough money and the started arguing about finances. The guy leaves his house and comes back a short while later when his wife is in the shower. He drags his wife out of the shower and puts her head in between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat, takes the porcelain toilet cover and proceeded to beat her to death with it. Awful bloody mess of a scene.

16…A Teenager Was Beaten To Death For Cash By His Best Friends

This 17 year old kid had his head caved in during early 2000. It was a pretty big case at the time in Philadelphia. He worked construction part-time and walked home every Friday with a couple hundred dollars in cash for his pay. His best friends, one girl and two guys, all in the 16-18 range, wanted to make a quick buck. The girl lured him to this regular meet-up spot for sex out near some bushland. When he started taking his clothes off, the three friends jumped him. The 18 year old guy if I remember right had a hammer, and his brother had a cinder block. Kid didn’t stand a chance. His parents had to identify him based on the clothes he was wearing because there was practically nothing left of his face or hands (defensive wounds).

17…Blood Rained Down On A Cop From A Suicide Victim

We got a suspicious circumstances call regarding a possible “explosion” next to a baseball stadium. It was a little after midnight. Upon arrival, and not seeing any smoke or flames, I got out and walked around. There were big tents set up for a game the following day. I saw what looked like a person sitting in a chair in the centre of a tent. I called out to him and he didn’t respond. As I approached, I put my flashlight on him and nearly soiled myself; the top half of his head was just…gone. I walked under the tent and noticed a shotgun sitting next to him. As I was calling it in, I felt something like rain hit the top of my head. I shined my flashlight up, and the inside of the top of the tent was absolutely coated with blood and brain matter. He did not leave a note. I still have nightmares about that one.

18…A Teen That Hanged Himself Was Mistaken For a trivial Halloween Decoration

We had a kid (late teens) hang himself on Halloween on a hill visible to the whole neighborhood. Of course everyone thought it was a prop until someone complained that it was in poor taste a decided to check it out.

19…An Avalanche Victim’s Screams Were Recorded On A GoPro

We recovered an avalanche victim and found a GoPro Cam on his helmet. GoPros were still a novelty at the time so we weren’t quite sure what we’d find. I watched it and sure enough it caught the whole thing. The worst part was moments after we was buried, he realized what was going on and began screaming. I had to listen to the whole thing in case he screamed out any messages for the family or anything. The screams were muffled inside the waterproof case, but still horrifying.

20…A 90 Year Old Woman Melted Into Her Couch Cushions

We got a call from this woman saying ‘Mrs XYZ is 90 years old and we haven’t seen her in seven weeks. Can you preform a wellness check?’ This was in the middle of August after a couple streaks of 100 degree weather. Seven weeks is a long time.

So me and (my partner) go over and lo and behold no visible AC unit in this 100 year old house. So we load up our noses with Vicks and open the door. Yeah… The Vicks didn’t help. That hot house was well over 90 degrees F.

This lady had basically melted into a sludgy mess with some human feature still visible on her couch. The vapor her body was giving off was on the windows with condensation. Rich and I both threw up and called the coroner who basically had to remove this lady with her couch cushions. It was bad.

21…A Motorcyclist Got Hit By A Semi And Had To Be Scraped Off The Road

My friend and his dad are volunteer firefighters. I was staying the night and they got a call at 1 AM. They knew it would be a long call based off of info from their radios, so I went with them. According to a witness, a Motorcyclist going about 120 mph was going around a wet corner at midnight passed a semi truck. He leaned too much into the corner, slid across the road (still on his bike), hit a tree (he disengaged from his bike when he hit the tree) and skidded in front of the semi, where the semi splattered & smeared him like spreading peanut butter on toast. I stayed in the truck with the windows down, but could see everything due to all the flashing lights. Semi driver was a wreck, crying and sobbing his heart out, saying that it happened so fast that he couldn’t do anything. I got to watch my friend and his dad scrape the guy off the road.








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