’I’ll blow your brains out’: Mum charged with daughter’s murder

’I’ll blow your brains out’: Mum charged with daughter’s murder

A 52-year-old US woman who allegedly shot her daughter dead between the eyes as the teen frantically tried to call police in a plea for help, has been charged with her murder.

The girl was on the phone with a Renton Police Department dispatcher on Tuesday night when the operator heard someone say the words “you called 911” and “blow your head off,” according to the NY Daily News, followed by a loud bang.

The daughter, identified as Natalie Gulizia, was trying to call police after her mother allegedly tied up her father and brother. Svetlana Laurel then shot her daughter in the head. She was later found by her young brother covered in blood.

The horrific scene unfolded on Tuesday evening when Laurel turned up to her ex-husband’s home in Renton, Washington where she was let in by their 12-year-old son.

Laurel told her son she had a Christmas gift for him, but it turned out to be a bag of his old clothes, Seattle PI reported.

After they went to his room upon her request, she then tied his wrists and ankles up with zip-ties and put a sock into his mouth.

However, according to the publication, she later removed it as it rendered the boy from answering her questions.

Svetlana Laurel has been charged with murder, accused of fatally shooting her daughter 14-year-old Natalie Gulizia.

The woman then reportedly showed her frightened son a stun gun, telling him that if he screamed, she would use it on him.

She went on to tell him how his father was ruining her life.

In the meantime, her ex-husband and 14-year-old daughter were about 20 minutes away, in Seattle for an event. It was only 10 minutes after they left, the young boy heard a knock at the door. He wasn’t sure why his mother was at the house as she was only there eight months earlier to drop off something, he would later tell investigators.

According to Seattle PI, Laurel and her ex-husband went through a bitter divorce which was finalised in 2016 and although she initially had custody of their children, her ex-husband ultimately secured custody and she was only allowed supervised visits.

The boy was allegedly tied up for two hours before his father and sister arrived home at about 8pm.

Upon entering the house through the garage, Laurel allegedly shot her ex-husband with a stun gun and then tied him up with zip-ties as well, the publication reported.

The family home in Renton, Washington where the fatal shooting took place. Photo: CNN

She allegedly told him: “You’ve made my life miserable. Now I’m gonna make yours miserable. If you move from that chair I’ll blow your brains out.”

When the father yelled, “she has a gun,” the young boy who was still tied up, told his sister who had run upstairs to her room to dial 911.

The teenage girl told the call taker the mother was heading upstairs.

According to Seattle PI the call receiver could hear the woman yelling in the background, asking where the phone was, then accusing Natalie of calling 911.

She was then allegedly heard saying something about “blow your head off.” The call receiver then heard a noise similar to zip ties being secured, followed by a bang.

The son claims he also heard his mother shoot his sister during their dispute and after hopping to his sister’s room, found her head covered in blood, court documents indicated.

It is alleged Laurel also tried to shoot dead her husband, but the gun jammed and then the police arrived to arrest her.

Police found the teenage girl dead with a single gunshot wound to her head.

Laurel has been charged with aggravated first-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder, first-degree kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment.

She has been refused bail.






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