Grisly details emerge of execution slaying of Sydney gangland figure in Greece

Grisly details emerge of execution slaying of Sydney gangland figure in Greece

Athens: CCTV footage has revealed the chilling nature of the brutal execution of Sydney gangland identity John Macris in Athens.

Local police are investigating the shooting death of John Macris. Credit:Greek City Times

And police in Greece are planning to formally request the full details of Macris’ criminal record from Australian authorities through Interpol, although authorities are examining if the Australian’s murder was part of a wider spate of hits being carried out by warring members of the Greek mafia.

Sources said the 46-year old was shot numerous times after getting into his dark smart car parked outside his well-secured home on Troijas in Voula, a seaside suburb south of Athens

Footage taken from Macris’ surveillance cameras showed the gunman shot Macris through the right-hand passenger side window. As Macris struggled to escape from the car, the killer circled round the back of the car and shot Macris again when he reached the driver’s side door.

Macris died at the scene, he was shot four times: in the belly, chest and shoulder blade. Police retrieved six bullet casings shot from a 9mm gun. As in Australia, guns are illegal in Greece.  Stains of Macris’ blood were seen on the footpath outside his home, where inside his mother was looking after his two children – a young boy and girl.

The murderer, still on the run, arrived at the scene on foot, wearing a baseball cap low across his face. He was about 1.7 metres tall. Police have seized footage from cameras installed outside not just Macris’ home but also those of his neighbours, in the quiet hillside residential street.

Macris had been on his way to a reception marking the official opening of his new company 24/7 Security Services, an expansion of his My Services business which was less than three-months-old.

Guests were already at the company’s headquarters when Macris was killed. The party was hastily cancelled as news of his death emerged. Staff at the car dealership said 24/7’s three motorbikes and three cars were all removed on Thursday night.

Early Friday morning staff workers were seen removing the signage, although the company’s motto “We Guard. We Protect. We Secure. We believe in keeping you safe,” was still prominent, written on the wall inside the deserted offices.

Macris security business was hastily closed down. Credit:Latika Bourke.

One security guard, who did not want to be named, who was collecting his clothes said that after the incident they had been told to “close everything.”

Police are not ruling out any scenario, including Macris’ Australian criminal past which includes jail time for commercial drug supply.

John Macris and his wife Victoria Karyda on their wedding day in Mykonos.

But it is the Australian’s Greek business interests that are likely to take centre stage amid one working theory that his death is connected to an outbreak of gangland violence across the Greek capital which is believed to have begun with the execution of the mafia kingpin Vassilis Stefanokos in January this year, leaving a power vacuum in Greece’s underworld and triggering what is thought to be a string of tit-for-tat killings.

In May, a friend of Macris was shot to death. The night before Macris was gunned down, 38-year-old Vagelis Zabounis, an infamous-Greek mafia figure, was shot outside the offices of his maritime company at the Port of Pireaus, about an hours drive from Voula, where Macris lived and worked.  Zabounis survived and is expected to be interrigated by police who are exploring if the crimes shootings are linked.

The funeral will be Sunday Greece time. His body will be flown to Australia for burial.

Henry Sapiecha

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