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Published on Jul 14, 2016

★ Dozens dead as vehicle crashed into crowd in Nice, France
AT LEAST 60 people have been killed in France after a truck packed with arms and grenades ploughed into a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the southern city of Nice.
The city’s mayor said dozens had been killed in the apparent attack while local media is reporting 73 unconfirmed fatalities and more than 100 people injured.
A spokesman for France’s Interior Ministry said “it’s going to be a very high toll”.
The incident interrupted a fireworks display for the national celebration when the huge truck rammed into the crowd celebrating on the French Riviera.
Mown down bodies remain strewn on the streets and the scene has been described as “apocalyptic” and “carnage on the road”.
Christian Estrosi, president of the region, says the truck in Nice was loaded with weapons including grenades.
A man who witnessed the attack told CNN he saw the driver accelerate and aim for people as the vehicle slammed the crowd.
The driver then emerged from the truck and opened fire on the crowd, another eyewitness said. French media is now reporting the gunman got back in the driver’s seat and travelled to another populated area before starting to shoot again.
Police reportedly opened fire on the truck, which local media said crushed revellers and sent people running for their lives. The truck’s driver was shot dead.
Witnesses have reported people being hit by debris flying around the scene, and videos have emerged on social media showing people fleeing in panic.
Images of streets strewn with bodies are flooding social media as authorities warn locals and tourists to stay indoors.
“The driver of a van appears to have killed dozens. Stay in your homes for now. More info to follow,” mayor Christian Estrosi wrote on Twitter.
Local authorities from the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture also urged people to remain indoors following what appeared to be a deliberate attack on crowds who had been watching the annual fireworks display from the famed Promenade des Anglais.
Witnesses also described hearing gunfire, but this was not immediately confirmed by the authorities.
There is speculation the fatal attack was an act of terrorism. Authorities are yet to comment on the situation and emergency crews remain on the scene.
Panic has broken out in Paris where a fire has broken out by the Eiffel Tower following the Nice attack.
The fire is not believed to be terror-related and is not being treated as an attack.



Officials warn that ELEVEN missing airplanes seized by Islamist rebels in Libya could be used to carry out terrorist attack on 9/11 anniversary

  • Eleven planes went missing from Tripoli International Airport, after it was overtaken by an Islamic rebel group late last month
  • U.S. officials are reportedly warning that the planes could be used to carry out terrorist attacks for the anniversary of September 11  

U.S. officials fear Islamic militants have stolen nearly a dozen commercial planes in Libya which could be used to carry out 9/11-style terrorist attacks in the region.

Eleven commercial jets operated by two state-owned airlines went missing last month, after militant group Libyan Dawn overtook the international airport in the capital city of Tripoli. 

In the past two weeks, the U.S. government has been issuing warnings about the deteriorating state in Libya, drawing attention to the fact that the planes could be used in attacks to mark the anniversary of 9/11 later this month, sources who read the briefs told the Washington Free-Beacon.

‘There are a number of commercial airliners in Libya that are missing,’ one official told the Free-Beacon. ‘We found out on September 11 what can happen with hijacked planes.’

isis rockets in tripoli smoking city image

Aftermath: Tripoli International Airport was overtaken by the group Libyan Dawn last month and now 11 aircraft for Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways are now missing. Above, a Libyan Airlines plane damaged in the battle, pictured on August 26

islam militants at work burning image

Strike again? A Moroccan military expert believes Islamic group..

The Masked Men Brigade are in control of the 11 missing airplanes

isis militants at tripoli airport image www.crimefiles (2)


Tripoli-3 burnt plane image


Tripoli-5 damaged airport interior image


Tripoli-2 damaged plane image


Tripoli-4 damaged plane & bullet casings image


Tripoli-6 airport teminal entrance damaged image


Tripoli-7 black smoke from burnt petrol depot image




mh17 cabin section found image

MH17 fuselage section discovered by OSCE-led an Australian and Malaysian team at the crash site.

Clearly frustrated by the slow rate at which foreign experts are visiting the site, Bukiurkiw said: “We’re recording a lot of random fuselage and personal belongings. It is striking, even for hardened professionals, to encounter a section of the aircraft that you don’t recognise and then there is a passenger’s seat and a child’s game.”

After the team had spent about five hours in three different sections of the sprawling crash scene that foreign experts were visiting for the first time, the OSCE official pointed to a large clump of trees, saying: “Some of the finds over there are extraordinary… and the Malaysians who were with us observed that the heat was so intense that the aluminium wing sections of this 17-year-old aircraft actually melted.”

Seeming to imply that others were not doing their job, Mr Bukiurkiw said of his small, operational ground force: “We continue to do our job; we record what we find and we report it to the appropriate individuals.”

MH17 investigation continues in Ukraine

Seventy-four more coffins are transported to the Netherlands, as the investigation into the Malaysia Airlines crash continues.

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Hrabove, Ukraine: The first Australian investigators to visit the MH17 crash site near here were in a small investigative party that discovered new sections of the crashed Malaysian Airways aircraft and human remains that had been overlooked in earlier, much-criticised sweeps of the area.

The three Australians – two diplomats and a forensic expert – refused to talk to reporters. But an official of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Michael Bukiurkiw, said after guiding them through the crash site: “We found human remains yesterday and more again today.”

Thursday’s finds – including a substantial section of the fuselage with windows and seats intact – were made as huge combine harvesters worked their way through crops in the fields up and down the crash site. The harvesting continues apace, despite renewed concern that as many as 100 of the 298 passengers and crew from Flight MH17 remain unaccounted for.

mh17 split open cabin section found image

Inside the section of fuselage, peeled open in a dense thicket of trees.

Asked why newly discovered human remains were being flagged, but not collected, he said: “We’re covering a lot of ground with a small group of people.”

He said that access to the rebel-controlled site was getting better day by day and while diplomatically side-stepping questions as to why he and his colleagues could be on the ground while governments around the world worried about the safety of their crash investigative teams, he said pointedly: “The Malaysians told us they feel safe…and there are people better placed than us to do this work.

“I don’t know why the investigators are not here – you’ll have to ask them.”

He described security in the crash zone as ‘very fluid’ – “but we are doing frequent analysis, based on input from very good people.”

The Australians had advised him that they were in the area just for a day to make an assessment.


Why is it that this seems to be a common occurence with Indian taxi drivers

Two Perth taxi drivers are standing trial in the Perth District Court today, accused of raping a 24-year-old woman who had passed out in a cab after hen’s day celebrations in February last year.

Prabhjit Singh Gill, 37, of Thornlie, and his co-accused Amrit Pal Singh, 32, of Joondanna, deny the charges.

State prosecutor Janelle Scutt told the jury this morning that Mr Singh, who was the woman’s taxi driver, used a mobile telephone to contact his friend, Mr Gill, who joined him at a dark car park on Progress Drive in North Lake at about 10.30pm on February 5.

Ms Scutt said the woman, whose identity is suppressed for legal reasons, had only a vague memory of her driver’s friend trying to have sex with her in the back seat of the taxi, then trying to have oral sex with her very briefly.

Ms Scutt said the woman was “happily married” and had been excited to go to a friend’s hen’s party, at which she consumed close to two bottles of champagne.

The court was told that later in the evening, the woman took a stretch limousine with her friends to King’s Park, where she grew increasingly drunk and was doing “silly things” such as rolling down hills and interrupting family picnics.

The group then went to Leederville’s Hip-E Club where they lined up for about 30 minutes. By this stage the woman was slurring, staggering, swaying and had glassy eyes and bouncers refused her entry, Ms Scutt said.

She then took a taxi but did not remember much of the ride except holding her head in her lap while seated in the front seat of the cab.

The woman later recalled being slumped in the back seat of the taxi while her driver spoke to an older and stockier Indian man outside and that man then tried to force himself upon her, Ms Scutt said.

The woman only remembered these details after she woke up fully clothed in her bed the next day, the court was told.

Medical testing later revealed the woman had sex with her driver, although she had no memory of this.

Mr Singh will admit to having sex with her but will claim that it was consensual, a claim Ms Scutt described as “fanciful”.

Mr Singh’s defence lawyer Steven Shadgett told the court that the woman was not as drunk as the prosecution claimed, and she was purposefully “minimizing her recollection” about how she initiated sexual contact with her taxi driver.

He said that she had begun touching him on the drive home while he was on a conference call with his friend, Mr Gill, and had directed him to the “prominent” car park, which was near Adventure World.

He said his client had not preyed on a vulnerable young lady but had the mistaken belief that she wanted sex.

Mr Gill’s defence lawyer Terry Dobson said his client did not sexually penetrate the woman at all but had been sitting in his taxi nearby while he heard his friend have sexual relations with the woman, who appeared to be “enjoying the activities”.

The trial continues.


A man has been threatened by a robber who stole his purple Harley Davidson while he sat in Sydney traffic, in what police describe as a rare and brazen theft.

The motorcyclist was riding on Bernera Road, Prestons, when he stopped at a red light at the intersection of Yarrunga Street about 3.30pm yesterday. 13th Nov 2011

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The victim said he felt something being pressed into his back as a threat was made.

The man got off his bike and the thief got on and rode off along Camden Valley Way, police said.

Green Valley duty officer acting Inspector Paul Kremer said no weapon was seen during the theft.

“He just assumed that it would be there because of the threat that was made,” he said.

Acting Inspector Kremer said he was unable to elaborate on what the threat was or the exact details of how the theft unfolded.

He said this type of robbery was quite different

“It’s very rare, based on my experience. Certainly, it’s the first of this type of incident we’ve had in this area.

“Especially with a line of traffic behind you, it’s pretty brazen.”

The man, who was not injured, called police soon after his motorbike was stolen.

The bike is described as a purple 1994 Springer Harley Davidson.

Anyone who saw the incident or has seen the bike is asked to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Elderly man found dead in pool

of blood after train beating

Dan Proudman

August 29, 2011 – 12:03PM

CCTV footage shows the elderly bashing victim calmly waiting for the train on which he was fatally attacked.CCTV footage shows the elderly bashing victim calmly waiting for the train on which he was fatally & brutally attacked.

An elderly man waits at Newcastle station to board the Sydney-bound train, a journey that would ultimately cost him his life.

Strike Force Ploughman detectives have launched a murder investigation after the 76-year-old man died in John Hunter Hospital on Saturday night, less than two days after he was savagely beaten on the lonely ride somewhere between Newcastle and Fassifern stations.

Homicide squad members have joined Lake Macquarie investigators in their hunt for the man’s attackers.

Detectives last night released the closed circuit television footage of the victim waiting patiently near the guard room on the Newcastle station platform shortly after 3am on Friday.

Less than an hour later he boarded the 3.59am service to Central Station, and less than 30 minutes after that he suffered severe head and facial injuries in a beating that was to prove fatal.

Commuters found him in a pool of blood minutes before the train was due to stop at Fassifern about 4.27am.

Strike Force Ploughman detectives are continuing to trawl through security vision from a series of train stations and on board the service.

The service is known to have stopped at Civic, Wickham, Hamilton, Broadmeadow and Cardiff stations before it arrived at Fassifern.

Detectives are yet to confirm the man’s identity, although he is believed to be from Sydney.

He is described as being of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance and 160 centimetres tall.

He was wearing a dark grey sloppy joe, dark pants and brown leather boots.

Investigators are also keen to piece together the man’s last movements before he boarded the train at Newcastle and believe people may have seen him in the central business district in the early hours of Friday.

Early reports that the man was homeless are also yet to be confirmed.

Anyone with information is asked to phone Lake detectives on 4942 9999 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The Newcastle Herald

$50,000 of cannabis found

as car flips after police chase

June 28, 2011 – 12:21PM

Police have recovered six kilograms of cannabis with an estimated street value of $50,000 after a high-speed car chase in rural NSW.

The driver sped off after police stopped his Nissan 200SX for a traffic violation 40km east of Walgett on the Gwydir highway, in the state’s northwest, about 6pm yesterday.

Police pursued the driver but ended the chase soon after when the vehicle accelerated to high speeds.

The car was found later after it left the highway and rolled several times.

The driver had already fled, but police found about 6.1kg of vacuum-packed cannabis in the vehicle worth an estimated street value of $50,000.

Police and SES volunteers resumed a search of the area for the man today.


Judge misses drink-driving

court date to go on vacation

Paul Bibby

June 22, 2011 – 12:32PM

A senior NSW judge has pleaded guilty after recording a blood alcohol reading of 0.168 after a serious accident in which he collided with two cars and a truck.

Acting Appeal Court judge, Justice Roderick Howie, was planning to drive to the central coast at 9:30am on May 19 when he failed to give way to a B-Double truck, according to a police statement of facts tendered in Ryde Local Court this morning.

Police say the 61-year-old, who has presided over many significant cases, including that of Dianne Brimble, hit the truck’s rear trailer as he pulled onto Beecroft Road in Sydney’s northwest, just minutes from his home.

They say he then mounted the footpath before crossing onto the other side of the road into oncoming traffic, colliding head on with a car coming the other way and sending it into a third car travelling in the same direction.

The driver of the car that Justice Howie hit head on was taken to hospital with neck pain but did not suffer serious injury.

Officers who attended the accident say the judge was “unsteady on his feet, his face was flushed and his eyes watery”.

Having initially recording a blood alcohol reading of 0.168, a breath analysis at Eastwood police station later that morning produced a reading of 0.121, just inside the medium level drink-driving category.

Justice Howie was charged with driving under the influence and had his licence immediately suspended.

Justice Howie reportedly told police that he had consumed a bottle of red wine between 7pm and 11pm the night before the accident.

He did not attend Ryde Local Court this morning, with his lawyer telling the local magistrate his client had gone to Japan for a holiday.

Justice Howie’s lawyer pleaded guilty on his client’s behalf.

The local magistrate appeared less than impressed saying that “the facts show a serious accident has occurred, whoever the accused might be I would expect the accused to be before the court”.



Fraser Coast [Hervey Bay] police ambushed your truly when using a mobile phone whilst stationary at the side of the road.

Their arguement was that the motor was not turned off.

Further to that it was not parked it was said by police???

The matter is to be defended as it is an unfair application of a law that was designed to stop persons from using mobile phones whilst driving and we have all heard of accidents happening in the process of dialling, texting & driving etc.

Doing the right thing by pulling over to talk on a mobile phone as the TV adverts tell us to do seems to hold no weight with the law here at the Fraser Coast Queensland.

In addition there is a loss of 3 points against your license???

Don’t think you are safe when you pull over onto the side of the road to use or answer your mobile phone.

One sees people all the time pulling over to do just that. It seems one has to turn off the motor and park there…or you cop a $300 fine and lose three points off your license.

These are serious consequences for an over fanatical police application of a law here in sunny Queensland

Have the police become parasitic in nature to raise money for the states coffers?

Not a good look to gain the peoples trust in police.

Violent criminals get off with a slap on the wrist, whilst this happens.

Do police in other areas do the same thing to extract revenue from the travelling public?


Body in boot victim

‘threatened for months’:

Police said.

Lee-Maree Gallo

June 1, 2011 – 1:13PM

Major crime sqaud officers rushed to the Great Eastern Motor Lodge after the grisly discovery.Major crime sqaud officers rushed to the Great Eastern Motor Lodge after the grisly discovery.

A 47-year-old man charged over the death of Forrestfield businessman Peter Davis, whose body was found wrapped in plastic in the boot of his car at the Great Eastern Motor Lodge early yesterday, had allegedly been threatening the victim for months, a court has been told.

Police today laid out their case against Ambrose John Clarke, who was charged overnight with grievous bodily harm in relation to Mr Davis’s death following what witnesses have described as a “demolition derby” in the motel car park.

Mr Clarke this morning appeared in the Perth Magistrate’s Court and was remanded in custody after bail was refused. The charges are likely to be upgraded after the results of a post-mortem examination are known.

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Body discovered at Rivervale motel

Forensic detectives are trying to piece together the events in the motel car park.

The court was told the two men were former business partners whose relationship had soured over a financial dispute regarding $30,000-$40,000 connected with the business, 6PR radio reported.

Following the dispute, Mr Clarke had allegedly been threatening to kill Mr Davis for several weeks.

Mr Davis had been reported missing since Monday morning after his wife received a mysterious text from a phone her husband seldom used.

Forrestfield businessman Peter Davis.Forrestfield businessman Peter Davis. 

It was understood Mr Davis had left for work about 6.30am before his wife received the text at 9.30am. The text allegedly read “I won’t be going to work today”.

After Mr Davis’s wife made a few phone calls, it was apparent Mr Davis had gone missing after he failed to show up for several obligations.

Police claimed that in the lead-up to Monday night’s events, Mr Davis’s son had been searching for his missing father after he was told he may be staying in a motel in Rivervale.

After going from motel to motel, he came allegedly across Mr Clarke’s car at the Great Easter Motor Lodge in Rivervale. Mr Davis’s son pulled into the car park and noticed his father’s car was also parked there.

He phoned the police and was allegedly confronted by Mr Clarke. The duo rammed each other’s cars as Mr Davis’s son fought to stop Mr Clarke from leaving the motel. By the time police arrived Mr Clarke had driven off.

On the way to the motel, police had pulled over Mr Clarke for a damaged headlight and took his details. Upon realising who he was, officers later visited Mr Clarke’s Murdoch home and arrested him over the death.

‘Demolition derby’

Witnesses at the lodge yesterday described how a “demolition derby” took place in the car park that saw the two utes smash into a row of parked cars, damaging some of them severely.

A resident at the Lodge, Jared Liddicoat, said he heard a loud bang that got him out of his unit and onto the balcony, where he saw one car chasing another.

“There are skid marks down there and this Hilux had lined up this Triton up from a good 50 metres and just (sideswiped) him and reversed up and sped off,” he said.

Acting Detective-Inspector Greg McDonald said it was not yet clear how the victim died or whether he was killed at the motel.

– with Michele Gelle and Fran Rimrod

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