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Cowboy lassos bike thief outside of a Walmart in Oregon. image

POLICE say a rancher jumped on his horse and lassoed a man who was trying to steal a bicycle in the parking lot of a Walmart in Oregon, USA.

The Medford Mail Tribune reports 28-year-old Robert Borba was at the store getting dog food Friday when he heard a woman screaming that someone was trying to steal her bike.

The rancher says he quickly got his horse out of its trailer, grabbed a rope, rode over and lassoed the man and bicycle.

“I seen this fella trying to get up to speed on a bicycle,” said Borba, who was planning on helping brand cattle in California that afternoon. “I wasn’t going to catch him on foot. I just don’t run very fast.”

Eagle Point police Sgt. Darin May says officers arrived and found a lassoed man and bike on the ground in the parking lot.

eagle point Police usa arrive to arrest the thief. image

Police arrive to arrest the thief. Picture: Eagle Point Police Department/Facebook

“We’ve never had anyone lassoed and held until we got there,” May told the Mail Tribune. “That’s a first for me.”

It was a first for Borba too, as he had only ever used his lasso skills to rope in cattle before. “I use a rope every day, that’s how I make my living,” he said. “If it catches cattle pretty good, it catches a bandit pretty good.”

Police arrested Victorino Arellano-Sanchez, whom they described as a transient from the Seattle area, on a theft charge.

Arellano-Sanchez is jailed in Jackson County. Staff members at the jail say they don’t think he has an lawyer.



This primate was not monkeying around when he stole the cash from the jewellery store drawer

Trained Monkey Robs Rs 10000 from Jewellery Shop in India (Guntur), Monkey Thieves Caught on Camera

A thieving monkey has been filmed ransacking a jewellery shop and running off with cash in India.

The primate is said to have deliberately distracted staff by throwing a piece of fruit into the shop before “advancing towards the cash drawers”, The Hindu Times reports.

“The monkey threw a guava inside the shop. Then it entered the store in the pretext of taking back the fruit. We threw the fruit back but it entered the shop anyway,” the unnamed shop owner said.

“It sat for almost 20 minutes in the store and then it opened the drawer and took away cash.”

More than $200 is believed to have been stolen from the store, which is located in the city of Guntur, on India’s east coast.

It is not known if the cash has been recovered.


Monkeys, which are revered by Hindus, often run riot in urban centres in India, to the point where a “monkey prison” has been established for the more criminally minded primates.

One such jail, in the northern city of Patiala, houses 11 monkeys apprehended for thieving and attacking people.

“It’s unlikely that any of them will ever be paroled,” warden Ram Tirath told The Daily Telegraph.



12 Dumb Laws That Actually Exist

Released October 9, 2015
Do you know which state does not allow you to tickle women under the chin with a feature duster? Just imagine, these are real laws that our elected officials actually took time to discuss and create. No wonder serious issues never get addressed in government.


(Reuters) – British police apologized on Wednesday for using a stun gun on a blind man after officers mistook his white cane for a samurai sword.

Officers were responding to “a number of reports that a man was walking through Chorley armed with a samurai sword”, when they confronted Colin Farmer, who was on his way to meet friends in a pub last Friday, in the northern English town.
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When Farmer, 61, did not respond to their calls to stop, one of the officers used his taser stun gun, which delivers a 50,000 volt shock.

“I certainly didn’t know they were police – and I certainly didn’t know they were shouting at me. I thought I was going to be attacked by some hooligans,” Farmer told the Lancashire Evening Post newspaper.

Despite pleading with the police and telling them he was blind, he was handcuffed.

“It then became apparent that this man was not the person we were looking for and officers attended to him straight away,” said Chief Superintendent Stuart Williams in a statement, adding the innocent man was taken to hospital for treatment.

“Lancashire Constabulary deeply regrets what has happened. We have clearly put this man through a traumatic experience and we are extremely sorry for that.”

Police later arrested a 27-year old man in connection with the sword reports but released him without charge.

The incident has now been referred to the independent police watchdog for further investigation.
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When Jesse Dimmick
  was a fugitive from Colorado fleeing a murder charge, he led police in
  Kansas on a chase, and his car was disabled in front of a newlywed
  couple's house. He ran in and confronted the couple, Jared and Lindsay
  Rowley, at knifepoint. As police surrounded the house, Dimmick says he
  got a verbal agreement from the couple that they would help him escape
  in exchange for an unspecified cash payment, which he says constituted
  "a legally binding oral contract." But when he fell asleep, the Rowleys
  fled the house and police stormed in, shooting and wounding Dimmick. He
  was convicted of multiple felonies in the case, but after his
  sentencing (10 years, 11 months), Dimmick was extradited to Colorado to
  face the murder charge. In his free time while awaiting trial in that
  case, Dimmick has sued the Rowleys "without the aid of proffessional
  [sic] legal counsel," his claim notes, alleging "breech [sic] of
  contract" and demanding $235,000 in compensation. The Rowleys' attorney
  asked for a dismissal of the suit, but the judge has yet to rule on
  that motion. (RC/Topeka Capital-Journal) ...The law has this backwards.
  Inmates shouldn't be allowed to file such suits without the judge's
Lifer gets a win in court and a payout,but...

"He thanked me and said, 'You did a great job and I'm
  satisfied'," said Attorney Harrison Williams of his client, Eon
  Shepherd, after their federal lawsuit against the state concluded.
  Shepherd is a prisoner serving life, and with Williams' help he sued
  the State of New York because prison guards "touched" his "sacred"
  Rastafarian dreadlocks during a search, and "slightly tore" his hair.
  With Williams' help, Shepherd won the suit -- and was awarded $1.00 by
  the jury. Williams says his law firm put in $75,000 worth of billable
  hours to prosecute the case; an appeals court ruled that the federal
  Prison Litigation Reform Act, which was passed to try to stem
  ridiculous lawsuits by inmates, applied in this case. The Act in part
  limits attorney's fees to 150 percent of a jury award applied, and the
  court awarded Williams $1.50 for his time. (RC/AP) ...Hopefully he's
  one and a half times more satisfied than Shepherd.

OBLIVIOT OF THE WEEK #896: "I guess he thought it was a big joke," said
  attorney Daniel L. Castillo about his client, Rick Ehlert, 45. Ehlert
  is "not denying he did it," Castillo says, but what he did shouldn't be
  considered a crime. He says Ehlert was drunk on a cruise ship headed
  for Tampa, Fla., when he broke into the control room and dropped the
  moving ship's anchor, and then tossed a life buoy overboard -- at 5:25
  a.m. The captain stopped the ship and assembled all passengers and crew
  on deck for a head count. No one was missing. "Everybody was mad at
  him," Castillo said, but "where's the crime?" The crime, federal
  prosecutors say, is attempting to damage the ship -- a statute that was
  strengthened after transportation-related terrorist attacks. Dropping
  anchor on a moving ship could damage it enough to cause it to sink. The
  719-foot MS Ryndam holds 1,260 passengers and 580 crew, and all were
  put in grave danger. Prosecutors are only calling for probation, but
  Castillo is trying to get him off in any case, noting "an alcohol-induced
  reckless act does not necessarily equate to a violation of federal
  criminal statutes." Also, Castillo added, "He's got a lot of money."
  (RC/Tampa Tribune) ...Oh, well, if he's got money, then by all means:
  let him commit "alcohol-induced reckless acts" with impunity.

Woman seen pushing

rubbish bin full

of human body parts

June 1, 2011 – 7:59AM
Carmen Montenegro ... was seen pushing body parts around in a wheelie bin.Carmen Montenegro … was seen pushing body parts around in a wheelie bin.

A 51-year-old California woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after she was discovered pushing a rubbish bin containing a man’s dismembered body, US police said.

Carmen Montenegro was taken into custody after Ontario residents spotted her pushing a foul-smelling garbage bin and alerted police, detective Jeff Crittenden said. Body parts were found inside the bin, he said.

After Montenegro’s arrest, detectives began an exhaustive search of the home and yard of a relative, Crittenden said.

By Monday afternoon, shade tents covered much of the backyard of the residence as investigators excavated some soil to check for other body parts or evidence, he said.

Montenegro apparently was trying to get relatives who live on the street to get rid of the body and had also tried to leave it in front of a nearby home, he said.

“She was trying to dispose of a body,” Crittenden said.

The victim has not been identified.

Police detectives and San Bernardino County coroner’s investigators are still trying to determine when, where and how the victim was killed, Crittenden said.

The daughter of a homeowner related to Montenegro told a TV reporter that the suspect is her cousin and that she came to the house on Sunday with the body asking for help disposing of it.

The woman said she did not know the victim’s identity.


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