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Northbridge gunman dies

after police stand-off

Lucy Rickard

April 23, 2011

The man at the centre of an armed siege in Northbridge yesterday has died in Royal Perth Hospital in Australia.

Police said the man, believed to be aged in his early 30s, was rushed to hospital about 4.30pm with critical injuries after shooting himself yesterday afternoon.

Police said the man died overnight in hospital as a result of the self-inflicted injuries.

The siege began about 9.45am after the owner of a Lindsay Street house, which has been vacant since 2005, was confronted and threatened by the man, who then fired a shot from a rifle, police said.

Police believe the man had been squatting at the house.

Tactical response group officers staked out the house and parked an armoured Bearcat vehicle at the front of the property as police negotiators, at times using a loudhailer, talked with the man over several hours.

Police meanwhile sealed off several streets in the vicinity, preventing dozens of residents from returning to their properties.

TRG officers in protective vests and helmets and carrying shields entered the house around 4pm.

“We’ve found that the person who was inside the building has shot himself and as a result that person has been taken to Royal Perth Hospital,” Inspector Barry Mann told reporters after the siege.

“His situation is very serious.

“It would appear the man has inflicted the injuries prior to the police entering the premises,” Inspector Mann said.

“At the end of the day we’ve done what we had to do and it’s very unfortunate the man has got injuries.”

Police are still unsure of the man’s identity.


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