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ONE of Britain’s most prestigious companies and banking groups is in crisis after police raided the home of one of its former executives secretly filmed buying crystal meth, crack cocaine and hiring rent boys on company funds.

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Rev Flowers was allegedly caught on camera buying drugs

And the scandal now threatens to engulf the Labour Opposition with questions over how much the party knew about the man they appointed to their finance and industry board.

The Co-operative Group, founded in 1844, runs sprawling interests in the UK from supermarkets and pharmacies to funeral homes, car dealerships and financial services and has more than 100,000 employees.

But it’s the Co-op’s banking arm that has thrown its operations into crisis with accusations levelled at its former chairman Reverend Paul Flowers.

The Methodist Minister was secretly filmed allegedly buying crack cocaine, crystal meth and ketamine from a trafficker before texting “turning into a two-day, drug fueled gay orgy” and “have 2 bags of Charlie here and have ordered another 5….enough? Px.”


The buying and texting was about the time the 63-year-old was giving evidence to Parliament’s Treasury Select Committee about the Co-op Bank’s finances after the Bank of England identified a AUD$2.6 billion black hole in its accounts.

The Bank – described as one of the most ethical in Britain – lost $1.2 billion in the first six months and Rev Flowers struggled to answer why.

Indeed he struggled to get much right before the committee and said he thought the bank’s assets totalled $4.8 billion when in fact they were closer to $76 billion.

On Wednesday, the home of Rev Flowers, who is believed to have left for Europe to avoid the controversy was being searched by police.


Rev Flowers' house has been raided by police

Rev Flowers’ house has been raided by police Source: No Source

A spokesman for the West Yorkshire Police confirmed the home was being searched following the drug buying revelations first made by a Sunday newspaper last weekend. At the time he was forced to quit the bank this week, Rev Flowers was on $230,000 a year salary.

Shortly after revelations of a police inquiry Prime Minister David Cameron said Treasurer George Osborne was in discussion with financial regulators as to the form of a formal inquiry into the scandal.

At Question Time in Parliament, Mr Cameron said there were clearly questions that needed to be asked.


“Why was Rev Flowers judged suitable to be chairman of a bank, why weren’t alarm bells ringing earlier, particularly by those who knew him?” he said.

The news was also bad for Britain’s Labour Party with leader Ed Miliband facing growing questions to discuss the former bank boss’s links to the party.

Tory Chairman Grant Shapps has demanded to know if the Labour leader and Shadow Treasurer Ed Balls knew of past scandals involving the “Meth Minister”, explain why he employed him onto the party’s business advisory group and admit how many donations were made and private informal dinner parties the pair had.

“What we can now see is that this bank, driven into the wall by this chairman, has been giving soft loans to the Labour Party, facilities to the Labour Party, donations to the Labour Party, trooped in and out of Downing Street under Labour, still advising the leader of the Labour Party,” Mr Cameron told Parliament.

Branches Of Co-operative Bank To Be Cut By 15 Percent

“And yet, now we know, all along they knew about his past. Why did they do nothing to bring to the attention of the authorities this man who has broken a bank?”

The Co-operative Group chairman Len Wardle was yesterday forced to quit amid the deepening scandal, acknowledging that he led the board that appointed Rev Flowers three years ago.

It is known Mr Balls received a $75,000 donation from the Bank in 2011/12. It was also revealed on Wednesday that Rev Flowers was forced to resign as a town councillor two years ago after being caught using a work computer to watch gay porn. He also allegedly stayed in top hotels to have sex with rent boys, with one now 21-year-old male prostitute confirming he was paid more than $1000 a night for drug fuelled “debauchery”. At the time he resigned from the council, he cited workload at the Co-op Bank.

Rev Flowers was also convicted for gross indecency with a trucker in a public toilet in the 1980s. The church forgave him and he continued preaching.

The reverend has this week been suspended by his church.

The Co-op Bank markets itself as an ethical bank, avoiding investing in any company that has been shown to use sweat shops, fossil fuel extraction, genetic engineering and animal testing and its customers choose to become Co-op members thereby indirectly having some ownership of the bank and earning a dividend. It has 4.6 million customers.






Their professions read like a roll call of respectability – several lawyers, a surgeon, a doctor, two dentists, two college professors, a teacher and a financial adviser are among their ranks, all based in affluent suburbia east of New York.

But their police mugshots have been released on a “wall of shame” after more than 100 men were arrested for soliciting sex from undercover officers in Nassau county on Long Island.

Some wives and children only learnt of the ‘Johns’ when the mugshots were made public 

A US defence lawyer has spoken of lives ruined by alleged police entrapment and several wives have consulted divorce lawyers

Name and shame: more than 100 men were arrested for soliciting sex from undercover officers. Photo: Nassau County District Attorney’s Office

But Kathleen Rice, the district attorney for Nassau county, defended the “name and shame” tactic of the prostitution sting, “Operation Flush the Johns”.

She told prosecutors: “Sex workers are often vulnerable victims of traffickers and pimps, yet they often remain the prime targets in prostitution investigations, while the Johns [patrons] who fuel the exploitation are treated as mere witnesses,” she said.

“My office and the police department are turning the tables on the illogical and immoral nature of that equation.”

Thomas Dale, the police commissioner, said that officials launched the sting in April because of an increase in crime in hotels in the area.

The 104 accused, who range in age from 17 to 79, allegedly replied to advertisements for prostitution on a website. They were told to meet at hotels where they were filmed and arrested after offering money for sex to undercover officers.

Defence lawyers have argued that the men were victims of entrapment. Some wives and children only learnt of the “Johns” when the mugshots were made public.

The Telegraph, London

Wild Secrets



An alleged prostitute who police say stole credit card details from clients and bought more than $100,000 of goods over the internet has been charged with identity theft and fraud.

Karl Perry of the WA Police Major Fraud Squad said the 35-year-old woman also accessed identity documents of a female associate, assumed that woman’s identity, made online applications for credit cards in her name, then racked up a $13,000 credit card debt.

Police executed search warrants at the woman’s Rockingham house and recovered a large amount of the property bought with the cards.

She was arrested on June 25.

Senior Constable Perry said members of the public, internet sales companies and financial institutions were all victims of the alleged fraud.

The woman has been charged with 39 fraud offences and will appear in Rockingham Magistrates Court on July 10.


One of the few female serial killers on record, Aileen Wuornos was a prostitute who murdered at least seven men between 1989 and 1990. Actress Charlize Theron won a Best Actress Academy Award for her portrayal of Wuornos in the movie Monster.

Wuornos lived a life of abuse and neglect, having a baby at age 15 (who was put up for adoption) and engaging in an incestuous relationship with her brother. She was briefly married and spent time in jail for petty robberies and assault. Eventually she fell in love with a woman and supported them both by turning tricks as a prostitute. During her years of prostitution Wuornos shot and killed seven men who she claimed were trying to harm her during their sex sessions.

Wuornos was arrested in 1991 and confessed to the murders three days later. She was killed by lethal injection in 2002.


Sydney neurosurgeon Suresh Nair – who used to be known as “Sex Rash” at university – has been sentenced to a minimum of five years and three months in jail over the death of a second female escort from a cocaine overdose in his Elizabeth Bay flat.

Nair, 43, who had pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Suellen Domingues-Zaupa, 22,  on November 21, 2009,  stood with arms folded and eyes lowered as the sentence was read in the NSW District Court today.

He also pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine to another prostitute, Victoria McIntyre, 23, who died at his flat in February 2009.He further admitted supplying cocaine in January 2010, when he broke his bail conditions by being found with cocaine in the company of two naked escorts.

Suresh Nair ... pleaded guilty to manslaughter.Suresh Nair … pleaded guilty to manslaughter. 

The court had heard that Nair had done nothing to help Ms Zaupa as she lay dying from a cocaine overdose, which he had given her.

He failed to call an ambulance or take her to hospital.

The death occurred less than a year after another female escort he had hired died from a cocaine overdose in the same apartment.

Justice Robert Toner said the manslaughter charge was on the basis that Nair had been grossly negligent when he did not call for an ambulance when Ms Domingues-Zaupa was having convulsions due to her voluntary cocaine use during the sex session.

He said Nair had also ingested a large amount of the drug, which had diminished his capacity to render assistance to her.

Since mid-2004, Nair’s cocaine use had led to a string of conditions, including urine tests three times a week, being placed on his medical registration.

But the judge said drug addiction did not explain Nair’s behaviour, leading him to conclude he was driven by self-indulgence and self-gratification.

“It is hard to underestimate the fall of the prisoner,” he said.

Nair was sentenced to a maximum term of 10 years which was reduced to five years and three months because of his early guilty plea, his remorse and contrition, and the serious assault he suffered in Silverwater prison this year.

He will be eligible for parole on April 30, 2015.

– with AAP


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