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Chinese police have rescued 92 children and two women kidnapped by a gang for sale and arrested 301 suspects, state media said on Saturday.

Police simultaneously swooped on locations in 11 provinces on 11 September after a six-month investigation, China Central Television and state news agency Xinhua said, quoting the ministry of public security.

State media did not give a breakdown of how many boys and how many girls were kidnapped or give a reason for the delay in reporting the operation.

A traditional preference for boys, especially in rural areas, and a strict one-child policy have contributed to a rise in the trafficking of children and women in recent years.

Kidnapped women are sold to men in remote areas who are unable to find brides due to a sex imbalance resulting from the one-child policy, which has also encouraged sex-selective abortions.

The government would impose harsher punishment on people who buy kidnapped children, state television said.

Xinhua said the government would also punish parents who sell their children.

China has tried to stop the kidnapping and sale of children and women recently. In 2011, police said they had rescued more than 13,000 abducted children and 23,000 women over the past two years or so.




A coroner in Western Australia has said he is satisfied that missing diamond dealer Wayne Drewett is dead following his involvement in a black market transaction with a Romanian counter-party.

The West Australian reports that coroner Peter Collins believes Drewett, 57, was a victim of foul play following his sudden disappearance nine years ago. Drewett was last seen by his wife Joyce on April 14, 2003, less than a week after raising up to AUD$1 million in funds for a black market diamond deal.

According to Collins has pointed an accusing finger at the man responsible for facilitating the illicit transaction, Romanian-born Niculae Stoian, who also goes by the Anglicized name of Nick Stuart. Collins said that “all roads” pointed to Stuart’s involvement in Drewett’s death.

“There is [a] substantial body of circumstantial evidence pointing to the fact that Nick Stuart had contributed to Mr. Drewett’s disappearance and death.”

Stuart departed Australia soon following Drewett’s appearance in April 2003, and has never returned to the country.

Police believe that the diamonds for which Drewett raised $1 million to import to Australia never existed.

Evidence submitted to the coroner’s inquest indicates that Stuart left Australia with thousands of dollars in cash in his possession. Stuart transferred $12,700 just prior to his departure, and declared a further $60,000 upon leaving Australia.

Police in Western Australia plan to contact the Romanian authorities, and the coroner’s report will be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions for consideration.


Being  uncommon, faking one’s death is not new to the world. We’ve seen it in the play  Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, on TV with shows like 24 and in the news This short list looks at ten men who committed pseudocide, pulled a Reggie Perrin, or, in other words, faked their death for one reason or another. This list is in no particular order.


John Darwin


John and Anne Darwin, a couple who lived beyond their means, had acquired debt of tens of thousands of pounds. They decided to escape their debt by faking John’s death and collecting the insurance money. On March 12, 2002, John left in his canoe and disappeared. A large search ensued and, on March 22, 2002, John’s wrecked canoe was found. In February, 2003, he was declared legally dead, allowing his wife to cash in on the insurance policy and pay off their debt. This left enough money to start a new life that, eventually, took them to Panama.

On December 1, 2007, John turned himself in to the police, claiming to have no memory of what happened and believing he was a missing person. The police had started looking into his disappearance three months before he turned himself in, and the ruse was uncovered when it was proven he had been with Anne the whole time.


Ken Kesey


Ken Kesey was an American author best known for his book, “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” He joined the CIA’s experimental program on the effects of LSD. After publishing his book, he continued using drugs, eventually getting involved with Timothy Leary. In 1965, Ken was arrested for possession of marijuana. This led to the idea of escaping jail time by faking his death.

Ken, with the help of his merry pranksters left his truck on a cliff near Eureka with an elaborate suicide note. His friends then smuggled him to Mexico where he remained for eight months. On his return to the United States, he was arrested and sent to jail for five months.


Lord Timothy Dexter


Timothy Dexter was a self-proclaimed Lord, born in Massachusetts in 1748. He was a prime example of a self-made man, having little to no education and accomplishing so much. He became an author, publishing his book with no punctuation and horrible spelling. Originally, he had to give it away, but it immediately became popular and went to the eighth edition printing. His second book included an extra thirteen pages of punctuation, with a note saying, “place it as you please.”

Timothy decided he wanted to know what people would say about him if he were dead, so he faked his own death and made plans for a funeral. Three thousand people attended the wake and, because his own wife didn’t cry for him, he decided not to reveal himself. Later, he caned his wife for not showing sympathy and crying. He officially died on October 26, 1806.


Bennie Wint


Bennie Wint led a troubled life, deeply into drugs and involved with a South Carolina drug ring. He decided he needed to start a new and better life. He felt the only way he could do this was if everyone thought he was dead. While on vacation with his fiancée, in September, 1989, he swam out past the breakers at Daytona Beach and disappeared.

He left behind his fiancée and a four-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.  Bennie made a new life in North Carolina, under the name of Bill Sweet. He acquired a common-law wife and had a son. Neither knew anything about his identity until he was stopped for a traffic violation, in January, 2009. His fingerprints came back as belonging to a dead man, so he came clean and told his story.


John Stonehouse


John Stonehouse was a British politician who got in over his head during his business affairs. He started cooking the books and got wind that the Department of Trade and Industry was looking into his affairs. He started moving money and set up a new identity as Joseph Markham. On November 20, 1974, he faked his own suicide by leaving a pile of clothes on a beach, making it appear that he drowned. He was, instead, on his way to Australia to make a new life with his mistress.

John was caught in Australia by an astute banker who caught on to the fact that he was moving money under more than one name. Police first thought he was the fugitive, Lord Lucan, who, two weeks before Stonehouse, was believed to have faked his own death as well. John was identified by a photo of himself on a list of the recently deceased and was arrested on December 24, 1974.

Alexander “Ace” Baker


Ace Baker is an American composer and keyboardist. He played with the Supremes, Iron Butterfly and Reo Speedwagon. Ace is also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. His theory is based on the Hutchison effect, and claims that the planes in the video were faked.  Ace was doing a radio program, The Real Deal, with host Jim Feltzer, with other members of the 9/11 truth movement when Ace felt that he was receiving unfair treatment. He then made references to his deceased parents and asked for forgiveness from his wife and children. Shortly after, he left the phone line and gun shots were heard. Ace later called it performance art.


Friedrich Gulda


Friedrich Gulda was an Austrian pianist in both classical and jazz fields. Gulda is most famous for his Beethoven interpretations, though Mozart was his idol. Gulda had a strong dislike of authorities, and declined the honor of receiving the Beethoven Ring for his performance.

Gulda is perceived as one of the twentieth century’s outstanding pianists. His unorthodox styles of mixing jazz and classical earned him the nickname of “terrorist pianist”. Cementing his nickname, Gulda faked his death in 1999, and reigned as enfant terrible among pianists. Gulda also expressed a wish to die on his hero, Mozart’s, birthday. On January 27, 2000, he did just that


Philip Sessarago


Philip Sessarago was a military man in The Royal Artillery with aspirations of joining the SAS. He failed to be accepted twice by the SAS. He saw himself as a James Bond type and was disappointed not to be a part of the SAS. In 1993, he faked his death by claiming to detonate a landmine in Bosnia. He changed his name to Tom Carew and a penned the book, Jihad!

The book was on its way to being a best seller after being serialized in the New York Times. Jihad! was released in paperback the day before the 9/11 attacks. The book’s timing was perfect as he claimed to be an expert on the tactics used by the terrorists, which led to many interviews. In a 2001 interview his deception came to light when he was recognized by his children.


Arthur Bennett


Arthur Bennett was a Marine Staff Sergeant. He was accused of sexual assault charges in 1994, and allowed to go free. On February 3, 1994, the trailer he was living in was found burned to the ground with a badly charred body inside. The body was believed to be Arthur’s and was cremated and buried with full military honors.

Arthur assumed the name of Joe Benson and, with the help of his family, moved to Hurricane, Utah. To cover his identity he dyed his hair red and wore blue contacts over his brown eyes. Arthur was found out when he was accused of molesting his daughters and a neighborhood child. Fingerprints proved he was really Arthur Bennett. He was arrested October 31, 1997, and pled guilty in 1998. He still had a court martial to deal with when he hung himself in his cell, on July 12, 1999.  The body found in his trailer has never been identified, and there is no way to identify it as it was cremated.


Jenaro Jimenez Hernandez


Jenaro Hernandez went out spear fishing early on April 13, 2008. When he didn’t return home, his wife reported him missing. The Civil Guard found his car and belongings, but his scuba gear and fishing stuff was missing. The only thing they found was his flipper.  Jenaro was heavily in debt, which led police to suspect he had faked his death. The family didn’t believe he would do that, as he had a young child at home and another that was due soon. He was found in South America and was extradited back to Spain and arrested.


Lord Lucan


Richard Bingham, the seventh Earl of Lucan, on the night of November 7, 1974, killed the family nanny, Sandra Rivett, and tried to kill his wife. She fled for safety and Lord Lucan fled to several friends before arriving at a friend’s house, 42 miles away. Friends and relatives believed he was innocent and jumped to help him, while police were being slow on the uptake. The car he was driving was found on the coast of Newhaven and there was no sign of Lord Lucan. Some friends believe he committed suicide due to his grief over murdering the nanny, by mistake, instead of his wife. Others believe he disappeared and is innocent and alive to this day. Sightings have been reported in South Africa and New Zealand.



Trial date set for Mansel

for murdering businessman

Craig Pardy

Lucy Rickard
February 3, 2011 – 1:48PM

The trial date for Cameron James Mansell, accused of murdering Perth businessman Craig Puddy last year, has been set for March.

Appearing in front of Justice Peter Blaxell in Perth Supreme Court, Mr Mansell’s trial date was set for March 16 and is expected to last six to eight weeks.

His pre-trial hearing was set for February 16.

State prosecutor Bruno Fiannaca today said while the indictment had not yet been served “there is no mystery as to what the charges could be”.

He said they are in the process of narrowing down the sheer quantity of witnesses due to appear in Mansell’s trial, reducing 200 civilian witnesses to 130, and also cut the number of police witnesses. This number is expected to be shrunk even further.

He also said there had been a delay in the forensic comparison of footprints for use in evidence.

Mansell is accused of murdering his former business partner and millionaire Craig Puddy last year.

Mr Pardy disappeared from his luxury Mount Pleasant home on May 3 last year and his body was yet to be found.

Mr Mansell appeared in court this morning, clean-shaven and appeared to be in good spirits as he spoke and laughed with his lawyer.


Search for butcher

after wife found dead

Georgina Robinson

February 2, 2011

Paul Mundy ... police want to find him after his wife was found dead.
Paul Mundy … police want to find him after his wife was found dead. Photo: Cowra Guardian

The body of a 54-year-old woman has been found in a unit above a shop in NSW’s central west and police are searching for her husband.

Police are treating the death in Cowra as suspicious and say they are also worried about the welfare of the husband, Paul Mundy, who is also 54.

Cowra police duty officer Inspector Anthony McLean said the body of Mrs Mundy, whose first name is not known, was found in a unit above the Calare Butchery on Kendal Street.

The Mundys are from the surrounding district and use the unit when they stay in town, Inspector McLean said.

Mr Mundy was named in the local paper, the Cowra Guardian, as the manager of the butchery in June last year.

The discovery came after police found Mrs Mundy’s gold-coloured Nissan abandoned on Cowra Bridge about 7am, Inspector McLean said.

“Her husband is a person that we need to speak to; he is missing at the moment,” Inspector McLean said.

Police spent the day searching the Lachlan River. Mrs Mundy’s car was found in the roadway on the two-lane bridge with its hazard lights on.

A post-mortem examination will be conducted to determine the cause of Mrs Mundy’s death.

A crime scene has been set up at the unit and the car will undergo forensic examination.

Anyone with information about Mrs Mundy’s death or the abandoned vehicle is urged to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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