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Young children are being armed with guns and forced to carry out violent executions of prisoners as junior jihadis, according to a disturbing new ISIS [Daesh] propaganda report.

Isis-child-soliders-killers image www.crimefiles.netA chilling article entitled The Lions of Tomorrow, published in the official magazine of terror group, boasts of Daesh using of “the children.. of jihad” in its bloody insurgency in Syria and Iraq. It’s illustrated by two young boys holding guns in accompanying photos.

“It is these young lions to whom the Islamic State [ISIS or Daesh] recently handed over two agents caught spying for Russian Intelligence and an agent caught spying for the Israeli Mossad, to be executed and displayed as an example to anyone else thinking of infiltrating the mujahideen [jihad fighters],” the article states.

In the first photo, what appears to be the dead body of a bearded man in orange clothing with a blood-spattered face lies in the foreground. An armed pre-pubescent boy in camouflage clothing, a black bandana and a backpack stands behind him, staring straight ahead.

In the second photo, an even smaller boy with shoulder-length black hair – who looks as young as six or seven – stands with a gun behind an identifiable person kneeling on the ground with their hands behind their back.

The terror group attempts to justify its use of children in warfare with references to the Islamic faith. It has previously released video footage of children being trained at terror camps, which experts say is an attempt to make its influence and might appear stronger.

“As the mujahideen of the Islamic State continue their march against the forces of [infidels] there is a new generation waiting in the wings, eagerly anticipating the day that it is called upon to take up the banner of man [higher level of faith],” states the propaganda article.

“These are the children of the [nation] of jihad, a generation raised join the lands of [fierce battles] and nurtured under the shade of Shari’ah, just a stone’s throw from the frontlines.”

The article in the latest issue of Dabiq, an online magazine produced by ISIS’s media wing Al Hayat, says institutes have been established to train and hone the military skills of these “lion cubs”.

The use of child soldiers, who are often brainwashed, desensitised to violence and death and irrevocably traumatised by their experiences, is a well-established tactic by terror groups.

Daesh shows a toddler brandishing a toy sub-machine gun image

What is ‘Daesh’?

Earlier this year Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said he will use the term ‘Daesh’ instead of ‘Isil death cult’ when referring to the Islamic State terrorist organisation.

Australia’s allies in the Middle East have reportedly encouraged the move saying that the terrorist group reportedly loathe the moniker Daesh – which is also an acronym, but of the Arabic words that mean the same thing as ISIS: Al Dawla al-Islamyia fil Iraq wa’al Sham.

Pronounced Da’ish – with a long emphasis on the long “e” – Mr Abbott aims to further neuter the term by mispronouncing it “Dash”.

“Daesh hates being referred to by this term, and what they don’t like has an instinctive ­appeal to me,” the Australian prime minister told the Herald Sun.

“I absolutely refuse to refer to it by the title that it claims for itself [Islamic State], because I think this is a perversion of religion and a travesty of governance.”

Joseph Bahout, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told The Huffington Post that the word Daesh in Arabic “sounds like something monstrous” and is a way of “stigmatising” the organisiation.

The terror group’s leaders have threatened to “cut out the tongues” of those who refer to them as Daesh or DAIISH, according to international media reports.

In a move that is aimed at legitimising the group and removing the word “Islamic” from their title French president, François Hollande, is also pushing the use of Daesh when referring to the group.


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ISIS preparing to execute men allegedly caught spying for the US in Salah al-Din, Iraq image

ISIS preparing to execute men allegedly caught spying for the US in Salah al-Din, Iraq

Paranoia within ISIL’s ranks has resulted in up to 30 members executed on suspicion of being spies.

The number of ISIL officials murdered by their own organisation have increased in recent months as the group begins to turn on itself in fear of infiltration by Syrian opposition, Kurdish militia and Iraqi military personnel.

The extremist group has found new and more tortuous methods of executing “spies” in the hopes of curbing the situation.

ISIL executioners have started to use a gruesome execution method where supposed traitors are drowned in vats of acid, AP reports.

An Iraqi intelligence officer reported up to 10 ISIL fighters had been executed in the city of Mosul in April on suspicion of being spies.

The extremist group has responded to the dissemination of secret information by planting suspected informants with false data and waiting to see how US and opposition forces respond.

Fight for Fallujah: Iraqi forces enter major ISIS stronghold

The Iraqi government says it has begun an assault on Fallujah, the first Iraqi city to fall to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), back in January 2014.
Few expect it to be an easy fight.

Government forces had been surrounding the city for months. And ISIL has had time to dig in and bolster its defences.

Fallujah’s recapture would build on a series of recent victories against ISIL.

And leave Mosul as the armed group’s only remaining foothold inside Iraq.

But will the army succeed? And what would a victory mean for embattled Prime Minister Haider al Abadi?

ISIL fighters are regularly stopped on the streets to have their phones inspected for suspicious numbers or quizzed on specific religious rituals. “Daesh (ISIL) is now concentrating on how to find informers because they have lost commanders that are hard to replace,” said a senior Iraqi intelligence official in Baghdad, AP reports.

The loss of key supply routes into Turkey have reportedly hurt the group financially and forced many fighters to start feeding information to coalition forces in order to balance declining salaries.

Instability in ISIL ranks has become so devastating the group has even turned its suspicions to civilians with suspected spies killed and hung in public places signs placed on their chests proclaiming their crime.

Battle of Fallujah: Drone video of the battlefield during the pounding of ISIS positions

The battle for the liberation of Fallujah (May 23, 2016): Drone video of the battlefield during the pounding of ISIS positions by Iraqi artillery and rockets. The footage was released by a channel close to the Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah (Hezbollah Brigades) || Die Schlacht um Falludscha: Drohnenaufnahmen des Schlachtfeldes während der Bekämpfung von IS Verteidigungsstellungen im Umfeld der Stadt.

The murders come as opposition forces push into the stronghold of Fallujah.



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Militants from a group called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, are waging an offensive that have seen vast swaths of northern Iraq fall out of government hands. ISIS, an al Qaeda splinter group, wants to establish an Islamic caliphate that would stretch from Iraq into northern Syria. See a map of cities with ISIS presence below, as well as a map showing the ethnic division of Iraq, and the location of Iraq’s oil fields. Related story »

ISIS presence

The shaded areas on the map below highlight some of the locations with ISIS presence.

iraq-isis-presence map image

Ethnic divide

Iraq is a country deeply split along sectarian lines. There are three major sects: Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims and Kurds. Iraq’s prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, is a Shiite Muslim. Sunni Muslims — the minority in Iraq — often find themselves left out. Some experts say that ISIS has found a base among Iraq’s Sunni community.

iraq-sectarian-divide map image

Where is Iraq’s oil?

Iraq’s economy depends on its oil production. The country produces 3.3 million barrels per day and has the world’s fourth largest oil reserves. According to OPEC, it has reserves of more than 140 billion barrels in oil fields in the north east and south east of the country.

Militants from a group called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, are waging an offensive that have seen vast swaths of northern Iraq fall out of government hands. ISIS, an al Qaeda splinter group, wants to establish a caliphate, or Islamic state, that would stretch from Iraq into northern Syria.

Extremist militants have overrun Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city. In recent weeks, they’ve wrested control of Iraqi cities like Falluja and parts of Ramadi from authorities, just as they’ve done with Syrian towns over the border. Click through the map to discover more.



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