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This primate was not monkeying around when he stole the cash from the jewellery store drawer

Trained Monkey Robs Rs 10000 from Jewellery Shop in India (Guntur), Monkey Thieves Caught on Camera

A thieving monkey has been filmed ransacking a jewellery shop and running off with cash in India.

The primate is said to have deliberately distracted staff by throwing a piece of fruit into the shop before “advancing towards the cash drawers”, The Hindu Times reports.

“The monkey threw a guava inside the shop. Then it entered the store in the pretext of taking back the fruit. We threw the fruit back but it entered the shop anyway,” the unnamed shop owner said.

“It sat for almost 20 minutes in the store and then it opened the drawer and took away cash.”

More than $200 is believed to have been stolen from the store, which is located in the city of Guntur, on India’s east coast.

It is not known if the cash has been recovered.


Monkeys, which are revered by Hindus, often run riot in urban centres in India, to the point where a “monkey prison” has been established for the more criminally minded primates.

One such jail, in the northern city of Patiala, houses 11 monkeys apprehended for thieving and attacking people.

“It’s unlikely that any of them will ever be paroled,” warden Ram Tirath told The Daily Telegraph.



West Midlands Police have dealt suspected drug dealers an expensive blow, recovering over £1,000,000 in notes from an address in Birmingham, the largest forfeiture of cash in the force’s history.

Below are just a few examples of money, which has been obtained under the Proceeds of Crime Act, being put back into the community for good causes. Visit our website for more information at

Quad bike rider caught

with firearm,

drugs and ammunition

Lucy Rickard

March 26, 2011 – 5:22PM

A man is arrested at a service station after allegedly stealing a quad bike and leading police on a chase through Rockingham. <i>Photo: Channel Ten.</i>
A man is arrested at a service station after allegedly stealing a quad bike and leading police on a chase through Rockingham. Photo: Channel Ten.


A man will face a string of charges after he was allegedly caught on a stolen quad bike with a fully loaded sawn-off firearm, ammunition, cash and drugs in Rockingham last night.

Police patrolling the Rockingham area last night spotted the 31-year-old man riding an unlicensed quad bike along Safety Bay Road about 8.30pm.

The man managed to elude police, but they had called in the police chopper to track the man’s movements until they finally located him at a service station on Read Street.

The man was allegedly attempting to car jack a vehicle parked at a bowser when police apprehended him.

Police allege the man was in possession of a fully, loaded sawn-off firearm, ammunition and a quantity of drugs and cash.

Police also allege the quad bike was stolen in a burglary in the area earlier that day.

The man will face Rockingham Magistrates Court on Monday on 15 charges related to the incident.


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