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A WOMAN jailed for hacking off a man’s penis after he was killed has launched an appeal against her nine-year prison sentence.

Dianna Gay Wright admitted to cutting off Noel Clark’s genitals after two male associates allegedly bashed the Maryborough man to death in 2009.

In September 2012, Wright pleaded guilty to manslaughter and interfering with a corpse, and received a jail sentence of nine years.

Yesterday, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General confirmed Wright had filed an appeal against this sentence.A spokesperson for the department said the appeal was heard in Brisbane earlier this month, and the judgment has been reserved.

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When she was originally sentenced last year, the court heard Wright met Mr Clark at Maryborough’s Centrelink office in 2009 and drove him to her house with the knowledge two men were waiting to attack him.

Once inside Wright’s home, the men allegedly bashed Mr Clark, sprayed his face with a substance, tied him up and left him to die on the bathroom floor.

When one of the men checked his pulse and said “he’s dead”, they allegedly wrapped Mr Clark in a doona, placed him in the boot of their car and waited until after dark to drive the body out of Maryborough.

Wright followed in her car until the men allegedly pulled over on a section of road where she was “ordered” to cut off Mr Clark’s penis with a Stanley knife

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Elderly man found dead in pool

of blood after train beating

Dan Proudman

August 29, 2011 – 12:03PM

CCTV footage shows the elderly bashing victim calmly waiting for the train on which he was fatally attacked.CCTV footage shows the elderly bashing victim calmly waiting for the train on which he was fatally & brutally attacked.

An elderly man waits at Newcastle station to board the Sydney-bound train, a journey that would ultimately cost him his life.

Strike Force Ploughman detectives have launched a murder investigation after the 76-year-old man died in John Hunter Hospital on Saturday night, less than two days after he was savagely beaten on the lonely ride somewhere between Newcastle and Fassifern stations.

Homicide squad members have joined Lake Macquarie investigators in their hunt for the man’s attackers.

Detectives last night released the closed circuit television footage of the victim waiting patiently near the guard room on the Newcastle station platform shortly after 3am on Friday.

Less than an hour later he boarded the 3.59am service to Central Station, and less than 30 minutes after that he suffered severe head and facial injuries in a beating that was to prove fatal.

Commuters found him in a pool of blood minutes before the train was due to stop at Fassifern about 4.27am.

Strike Force Ploughman detectives are continuing to trawl through security vision from a series of train stations and on board the service.

The service is known to have stopped at Civic, Wickham, Hamilton, Broadmeadow and Cardiff stations before it arrived at Fassifern.

Detectives are yet to confirm the man’s identity, although he is believed to be from Sydney.

He is described as being of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance and 160 centimetres tall.

He was wearing a dark grey sloppy joe, dark pants and brown leather boots.

Investigators are also keen to piece together the man’s last movements before he boarded the train at Newcastle and believe people may have seen him in the central business district in the early hours of Friday.

Early reports that the man was homeless are also yet to be confirmed.

Anyone with information is asked to phone Lake detectives on 4942 9999 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The Newcastle Herald











A 20-year-old science student, who was allegedly kidnapped and tortured over a $5000 debt, has told a Perth Western Australian District Court jury how he feared for his life.

Griffin Xanda de la Hunty Jagoe took the stand late yesterday in the trial against Simon Sun, 46, Ranjadardar Said, 28, and Sammy Conteh, 19.

The three men face a range of charges including kidnapping, extortion and assault occasioning bodily harm, some of which was allegedly videoed on a mobile phone. All three men still deny the charges.

State prosecutor Brett Tooker told the court that Mr Jagoe was “captured nearly 12 hours and repeatedly assaulted in cruel and demeaning ways before being rescued by Tactical Response officers”.

Mr Tooker said the sequence of events was triggered after Mr Jagoe offered to sell Mr Said a replica gun he was given after a night out drinking with a friend in Northbridge.

Mr Said was unhappy about the deal because he wanted a real gun and consequently came back to threaten Mr Jagoe and make him responsible for a separate debt to Mr Said.

Mr Tooker told the court Mr Jagoe had been repeatedly assaulted at Mr Sun’s house in Bentley on the night of October 15 last year and again at Mr Said’s apartment in Perth city the following day.

Mr Jagoe was gagged, had his head shaven, had a glass smoking pipe smashed in his mouth, a syringe stabbed to his neck, which snapped off, and was cut with a knife twice to the upper body and to his clothes.

He also had rusty railway nails tapped into the skin on his head and had an axe ground against his fingers.

“Not hard, just enough to do some damage,” Mr Tooker said.

Mr Tooker said police discovered snippets of video footage taken on an iPhone of those events, which included him being urinated on.

“Something so brazen, something so foolhardy that you’ll hardly believe it’s true,” he told the jury shortly before showing them the footage.

In the footage the jury could see Mr Jagoe gagged on a couch with a man with shaving cream on his face standing over him and someone saying “that’s the style”, followed by footage of one man laughing and clapping as the same man as before appear to urinate on Mr Jagoe, with a third man behind the camera saying “give him massages” in broken English.

Mr Jagoe admitted in court to being an amphetamine dealer for his friends so that he could feed his habit and make some money on the side.

He said he had been contacted by a friend who said he had someone who wanted to buy the replica gun but when the men arrived, which included a man by the name of “Biggie”, who the prosecution says was Mr Said, they wanted a real gun.

They later returned when Mr Jagoe was having a party at his Maylands home on a Saturday night, just after Father’s Day, in September 2010.

“Biggie was upset… [He was] clearly quite agitated & stirred up, giving me serious stares. [He was saying] ‘Why you trying to rip me off’, what I thought I was doing,” Mr Jagoe told the court.

“I got into the back seat to talk to Biggie. I tried to explain it was a misunderstanding. I thought they wanted the replica.

“…I was punched and hit with the butt of the gun. …[He said] ‘ I can get a real gun, don’t f..k with me buddy’. He pointed it at me, pointed it around and hit me to the side of the head.”

Mr Jagoe said he was then told he was responsible for his friend’s debt of $5000 and would have to pay up by midday that following Sunday.

“I thought he was going to kill me,” Mr Jagoe said.

The student said he sold some amphetamines to a friend for $700 that night and then set about trying to sell more drugs to pay back the debt.

He said an African man named “Sammy” also took his property, which included a $10,000 computer tower, which had specialised music hardware he used to produce music part-time.

He said after being threatened on several occasions he had to call in favours of friends and family to pay thousands of dollars towards the debt that was accumulating untold interest.

Eventually after paying $6900 and losing property worth up to $15,000, including a passport Mr Jagoe thought it was over.

“I thought that was all I had to pay… That’s all he said I had to pay,” Mr Jagoe said.

“He was still an intimidating, scary man that threatened me and hit me before so I didn’t want to incite him.”

But that was only the beginning according to the prosecution.

Mr Jagoe will continue to give evidence today.

Meanwhile Mr Said’s lawyer, Ian Hope, said the jury had to judge the reliability of the evidence given by Mr Jagoe who was on “hard, mind-altering drugs”.

Similarly Mr Sun’s defence counsel, Alix McGregor, also reiterated her client was innocent until proven guilty, who denied the charges.

And Mr Conteh’s lawyer, Abigail Rogers, claimed her client had never been to Bentley or been part of the events claimed but had simply been at Mr Said’s apartment, helping him move when police arrived.

Mr Jagoe was formerly of the Army Reserve and was currently studying a degree with a triple major in biomedical science, forensic toxicology and molecular biology.


A 28-year-old Yokine man in Perth WA has been charged with attempted murder after another man who was stabbed repeatedly narrowly escaped death yesterday afternoon.

A 33-year-old man underwent life-saving surgery after his heart had stopped beating and he was revived on the way to hospital. His condition was considered serious but stable.

Police were called to a house on Walga Court, near Yarruk Way in Yokine about 2pm after a fight allegedly broke out between two men of African descent.

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One man was allegedly stabbed and left bleeding on the road, where he was discovered by emergency services.

Network Seven reported the injured man was “declared dead” after his heart stopped beating, and was then revived by paramedics on the way to hospital.

The Yokine man was refused bail and will appear in Perth’s Magistrates Court this morning.


A boy, 15, accused of raping a four-year-old girl was living in a rented house, with no extra security aside from round-the-clock supervision, when he escaped and allegedly struck again.

The mentally impaired boy was three weeks from trial when he allegedly slipped away from a Department of Child Protection officer for 20 minutes and allegedly raped an eight-year-old boy in the regional community he was living.

The department took custody of the teenager once he was charged for the first rape in October, 2009, and removed him from the remote community where the girl was living.

They also assumed the full-time job of monitoring the boy after they did not fight a bail application when he first faced court.

Department director-general Terry Murphy today said that was a mistake.

“We can not accept the responsibility of going surety on bail if we don’t believe a child will be safe and well cared for in those circumstances and that’s what is clear in retrospect what we should have done,” he said.

“Now there is a lot of pressure from the community, of which the judiciary are a part, that young people shouldn’t be locked up and that’s not an unreasonable position.

“But clearly here, with our capacity, in a country town, where staff are difficult to get, suitable facilities are non-existent – in retrospect unfortunately we should not have accepted bail.”

Mr Murphy said the need to find separate, last-minute accommodation for the boy resulted in an ad hoc arrangement that would have cost the department “tens of thousands of dollars”.

“It was staffed around the clock by residential care officers who normally staff our hostel and it was quite close to our hostel,” he said.

“But this was a specific arrangement we put in place for this young person in a country town. And that highlights the difficulty in establishing what needed to be very secure arrangements in that sort of setting.

“Now we did our best and we kept him safe for a long time but clearly there was a lapse and that is terribly unfortunate for which the department is sorry.”

He said accepted that teenager would have had to spend two years in detention without conviction had they refused bail.

“But on a case-by-case basis it has to be judged whether we or any other agency has the capacity to keep a child and the community safe and if not, custodial detention whilst on remand is available,” he said.

The teenager’s family have given up all care of the boy, according to Mr Murphy.

He believed it was only a small handful of children, like this teenager, who posed a true threat to the wider community due to the lack of appropriate facilities to house them.

He said there was a review underway and discussions were being held with the Mental Health Commission and Disability Services Commission.

The teenager used a scooter to slip away and came across the younger boy, who was living with a foster family and had been playing outdoors among a group of children on the afternoon of August 6, The West Australian reported.

The pair of boys walked off from the group when the alleged incident occurred.

“The family of the victim are being well supported by the department,” Mr Murphy said.

“We take that responsibility very, very seriously. Of course they are very upset but we have been with them every day over the last 10 or 11 days and they will be supported as much as necessary to get through this and for the young boy to be okay.”

The teenager has now been remanded in custody at the Rangeview juvenile detention facility and will face court next week.

It has yet to be established if he is fit to stand trial.

It is the second time a mentally ill teenage boy, who had a record for committing rape, escaped the custody of the department and managed to commit a further offense against a handicapped woman.

The State Opposition has called for the development of a specialist secure facility for high risk children.

Shadow Minister for Child Protection Sue Ellery has accused the department of allowing the teenager to be placed in the community just minutes away from other children.

“Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney has failed to learn from the high profile case of the abuse of an intellectually disabled girl at a respite facility last year,” Ms Ellery said.

Ms Ellery said the Minister should explain why there had been no action since the distressingly similar case a year ago.

“The Ministers for Child Protection, Mental Health, Disability Services and Corrective Services must admit there is a small but high-risk group of children who cannot be cared for in a community setting,” she said.

“This boy slipped through cracks that should have been obvious when the assault on the disabled girl occurred last year.

“How many more children will be attacked before the Barnett Government acts?”

Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney has been contacted for comment.

Child, 4, bashed in ‘cowardly’ act

Alister Thomson | 3rd June 2011

A 28-YEAR-OLD man faces a possible jail term for a “cowardly” attack in which he punched and kicked a young boy because the four-and-a-half-year-old was talking at bedtime.

The man, who cannot be named, appeared for sentencing in the Rockhampton District Court Qld Australia yesterday after pleading guilty to a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm for the attack on the child.

Judge John Newton adjourned sentencing until next Thursday so he could be supplied with evidence of the man’s mental state.

Crown prosecutor Joshua Phillips said the man was in a relationship with the boy’s mother on April 8, 2007, when the assault occurred.

He had been watching television with the child and his former partner when he sent the boy to bed and told him not to talk to his brother.

When he heard the child speaking he went into the bedroom and told him to go to the lounge and put his hands on his head.

He then repeatedly asked the boy why he talked to his brother and when not satisfied with the answer backhanded the boy and then punched and kicked him.

The boy received bruising to the left side of his face, a bleeding nose and suffered from irregular breathing.

The mother reported the attack a few days later to police.

Mr Phillips said the assault “demonstrates real cowardice” and asked for a sentence of 18 months in prison.

Doctor faces court

over emergency room sex attack

Aja Styles

May 30, 2011 – 4:04PM

A 20-year-old woman has given a graphic account of a sexual attack, allegedly at the hands of a doctor, during a medical examination in the Royal Perth Hospital emergency department in February last year.

RPH endocrinologist Suhail Ahmad Khan Durani, 35, denies twice sexually penetrating the woman with his fingers and fondling her breasts on three occasions on February 20 while she was being treated for a diabetic illness.

He faces a judge-only trial in the Perth District Court before Judge Allan Fenbury.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, broke down in tears as she testified how the doctor had not worn gloves as he put his fingers inside her on two separate occasions.

“When he first put his hand down there he said ‘I like it shaved’ … in reference to my pubic hair, because I was shaved,” she told the court.

“I just felt really shocked when he said that.”

She told the court she did not react immediately because he had told her he wanted to examine whether she had an infection in her reproductive system stemming from her Type 1 diabetes.

When questioned by state prosecutor Paul Yovich whether doctors had ever examined her in that way she said no, despite having been to hospital numerous times for her diabetes.

She told the court how he had earlier cupped her breast and tweaked her nipples in a scissor-like action while using a stethoscope to check her breathing.

“I did not take any notice because he was like an authority figure and I had my trust in him,” she told the court.

The woman had been a diabetic since she was nine years old and on that day had suffered diabetic ketoacidosis, a severe sickness brought on when her blood-sugar levels got too high.

She told the court she was taken to hospital by her parents after she began vomiting that morning. She had been out the previous night at a fancy-dress party and alcohol and a cannabis-related drug, THC, was found in her system.

She told a different doctor that she smoked cannabis daily and had suffered from depression and asthma.

She testified that despite her poor health, she was alert and aware of her surroundings and could identify the doctor who had allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Mr Yovich told judge Fenbury that after the assault nurses found her “visibly distressed and crying”.

Defence lawyer George Papamihail questioned the woman’s credibility in his opening address, labelling her a drug user who did not take care of herself or her diabetes treatment.

Mr Papamihail said the woman ”has a need to be felt sorry for”.

The trial before Judge Allan Fenbury continues.

– with AAP 


Four police officers had to be taken to hospital for treatment after two separate assaults in Perth suburbs over the weekend.

Police said two officers were called to a property in Bower Street, Doubleview about 3pm yesterday amid reports of a man damaging property with a shovel.

While the officers were speaking with the complainant, police allege a 57-year-old man appeared and began to damage the police vehicle with the shovel. 

He then allegedly turned on the police, striking a female officer to her head and the male officer was struck on his arm.

The officers deployed the Taser in an attempt to subdue the man.

The 57-year-old Doubleview man was arrested and charged. The female officer sustained a deep gash to her head, and required sutures. The male officer required stitches for a deep gash to his arm.

In a separate incident, police were called to a property in Princess Road, Balga about 11pm last night following up on reports of a disturbance.

Two females were taken into custody, and while at the Mirrabooka Police Station, police allege one of the females has bitten an officer on the arm. Another officer received a laceration in the incident.

A 16-year-old girl was charged.

Both officers required medical treatment for their injuries.

Machete, axe used in bloody

home invasion

Aja Styles April 21, 2011

A 19-year-old man is in serious condition in Royal Perth Hospital after being attacked with an axe and machete during a violent home invasion that also left his friend with machete wounds.

Four men, including two armed with the sharp weapons, allegedly barged their way into a Wellington Street unit in the Perth CBD at 5.20pm yesterday.

The 19-year-old and a 20-year-old man were inside with four others when the gang pounced, police said.

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The 20-year-old was the first to be struck to the neck with a machete, causing a deep laceration. Police said he was further assaulted but managed to run away and barricade himself in another room.

Meanwhile the 19-year-old was struck to the head and body with an axe and machete, causing deep lacerations, and was further punched and kicked.

Police allege the offenders ransacked the unit and threatened the remaining occupants for money before fleeing the scene.

Officers managed to arrest the two men they believe were the main offenders shortly afterwards.

Perth City Detectives have charged a 27-year-old Northbridge man and a 22-year-old Herne Hill man with grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding and aggravated burglary.

They will face the Perth Magistrates Court today.

Police are still seeking a third man, described as being 175 centimetres tall, of medium build, in his early 40s, with brown hair and brown eyes.

The 20-year-old man was taken to RPH for treatment but has since been released, his friend remains in a serious condition.

Glassing model Scolaro

granted parole

Aja Styles

March 1, 2011

A photo of Eva Scolaro dressed up as a glassing victim provoked outrage.
A photo of Eva Scolaro dressed up as a glassing victim provoked outrage. Photo: Channel Ten

Former model Eva Scolaro has won an early reprieve to her 12-month jail term handed down after a vicious glassing attack that left a 27-year-old woman with permanent scarring to her face.

Ms Scolaro has been granted parole, six months into her year-long sentence. She is due for release from Bandyup Women’s Prison on March 14.

Scolaro glassed Roxanne Hemsley to the face during an argument over a drink being spilled down Scolaro’s back at The Library nightclub in Northbridge on March 8, 2009.

Ms Hemsley, a mother of a young child, has since suffered severe depression and has shied away from any public attention.

Scolaro tried to appeal her jail sentence after Magistrate Paul Heaney claimed the attack was unprovoked. Internal CCTV footage of the club revealed that the fight did in fact begin over a drink being spilled.

In considering her appeal, Chief Justice Wayne Martin reduced the jail term from 18 months to 12, but did not suspend the sentence altogether on the grounds that Scolaro had shown no remorse to her victim.

To support his judgement, he referred to photographs that had since surfaced of her dressed up like a glassing victim – complete with mock facial wounds – at a Halloween party.

The photographs were taken just after she was charged with the assault and prior to her trial last year.

The Prisoner’s Review Board found that Scolaro had since expressed remorse and empathy for her victim and had accepted responsibility for her criminal behaviour.

During its deliberations on February 9, the board found that Scolaro’s minimal criminal history, lack of prior record, her completion of voluntary courses to address her offending behaviour and strong family and community support meant she was eligible for parole at the first available opportunity.

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