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WARNING: Graphic content.

GIANT rats have eaten a three-month old baby girl alive after her mother left her home alone to go partying.

The 26-year-old woman — who has been arrested for child neglect — returned to her ‘shack’ in Johannesburg at dawn to find the remains of her daughter in her blood soaked bed, reports The Sun.

The mother reportedly took the baby’s twin brother, named Lucky, with her on the night out and the boy is now in the custody of his father.

A neighbour was alerted by the screams at dawn and rushed inside the home to find the bloody scene.

The neighbour said: “The baby could only have died a painful death. The infant’s tongue, eyes and fingers had all been eaten.

“Besides the missing body parts, the remains of her body had bites and wounds all over that were inflicted by the sharp teeth of the rats.

“This woman must rot in jail. She does not serve to be a mother.”


In 2011, baby Lunathi Dwadwa was eaten alive by rats in Cape Town. Picture: Supplied

The disturbing incident happened in a township area of Katlehong in Johannesburg, South Africa, at the weekend.

Angry locals who gathered after the police took the mother away said she had been drinking all night at a local bar.

Noluthando Mtshali, the daughter of the landlady who rented out the shack to the mother, revealed the baby twins had been taken to hospital last week.

She said: “The only thing this woman likes is going out partying.

“I just could not bring myself to go in and see what happened to this poor child.

“She has been a tenant since the beginning of the year and her twins were both in hospital last week but we do not know why they had been taken to hospital.”

Noluthando described hearing the mother returning home to find her dead child.

She said: “She came back in the early hours of the morning with a new boyfriend and they tried to break into the shack since she had lost the key and they found the baby girl dead.

“They were claiming that the child was burnt.”

The landlady, Mama Sesi Mtshali, said the mother came running out of the shack at about 6.30am local time screaming after discovering her baby.

She said: “We have lots of rats in the area. She leaves the children alone all night long and they cry themselves to sleep.

“She would not say she left the baby alone.”


South African police confirmed the baby girl had been eaten by rats and that the baby’s mother had been arrested for child neglect. Picture: AFP/Philippe Lopez

After the woman’s arrest, the father of the twins, aged 28, came to fetch the surviving boy who is now in the care of his new girlfriend.

He said: “My ex-girlfriend gave birth to twins a boy and a girl and on Friday she took the boy and left the girl in the shack.

“When she came back the following morning at about 6.30am the baby girl was dead”.

The new girlfriend of the grieving father said she had witnessed the neglectful mother’s love of partying.

She said: “The mother always comes here drunk and locks the infants inside alone.

“When Lucky came to us he looked like he had not eaten for days but he is fine now”

Katlehong police spokesman Capt Mega Ndobe confirmed the arrest of the woman.

She said: “I can confirm the little girl died after being eaten by rats.

“The mother has been arrested and is facing charges of child negligence and the case

will be heard in court next year”.

In 2011, two baby girls were killed and eaten in separate attacks in squalid South African townships.

Lunathi Dwadwa, 3, was killed in a shack outside Cape Town as she slept on the floor beside her parents.

Another infant was eaten alive in a shack in Soweto while her mum was out with friends.

The month before grandmother Nomathemba Joyi, 77, died when giant rats chewed off her face as she slept.

This story originally appeared in The Sun

Originally published as Giant rats eat baby girl alive


Henry Sapiecha

Brittanee Drexel was last captured on video leaving the Blue Water Hotel in Myrtle Beach.image

Brittanee Drexel was raped in a gang “stash house”. Picture: Missing Brittanee Marie Drexel

A TEENAGER who vanished from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 2009 was repeatedly raped in a gang “stash house” for several days — then she was shot dead and fed to alligators when her disappearance generated too much media attention, the FBI said last week.

Fox News reports the shocking new details about the mysterious disappearance of 17-year-old Rochester, New York, native Brittanee Drexel came largely from a “jailhouse confession” that was subsequently substantiated by others with “titbits” and “second-hand information,” FBI Agent Gerrick Munoz testified in a federal court transcript obtained by The Post and Courier.

The inmate who gave the alleged bombshell confession, Taquan Brown, is serving a 25-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter in a different case.

Brown told authorities he was present during the final agonising moments of Drexel’s life, Munoz said.

Brown claimed to have seen Drexel when he visited a “stash house” — typically a place used to keep guns, drugs or money — in the McClellanville area, the general location where Drexel’s cellphone last pinged.

Munoz said Brown told officials he saw Da’Shaun Taylor, then 16 years old, and several other men “sexually abusing Brittanee Drexel.”

Brown then said he walked to the backyard of the house to give money to Taylor’s father, Shaun Taylor. But as Brown and Shaun Taylor talked, Drexel tried to make a break for it.

Her escape attempt was in vain, however, and one of the captors “pistol-whipped” Drexel and carried her back inside the house. Brown said he then heard two gunshots.

The next time Brown said he saw Drexel, her body was being wrapped up and removed from the house.

Brittanee Drexel was raped in a gang “stash house”.image

Brittanee Drexel was last captured on video leaving the Blue Water Hotel in Myrtle Beach. Picture: Missing Brittanee Marie Drexel

Drexel’s body has never been found, but Munoz said “several witnesses” have told investigators she was dumped in an unspecified McClellanville pond teeming with alligators.

Drexel was last captured on video on April 25, 2009, leaving the Blue Water Hotel in Myrtle Beach, where she was staying against her parents’ permission.

A different inmate serving time at Georgetown County Jail told officials he was informed Da’Shaun Taylor picked Drexel up in Myrtle Beach and transported her to McClellanville.

Munoz said the FBI believes Taylor “showed her off, introduced her to some other friend that were there … they ended up tricking her out with some of their friends, offering her to them and getting a human trafficking situation.”

As the media spotlight grew ever brighter on the desperate efforts to find Drexel, the girl was “murdered and disposed of,” Munoz said.

Brittanee Drexel’s body has never been found image

Brittanee Drexel’s body has never been found. Picture: Missing Brittanee Marie Drexel

Munoz’s testimony was part of a bond hearing for a federal charge against Da’Shaun Taylor, now 25, stemming from a 2011 robbery of a McDonald’s. Taylor had previously confessed to being the getaway driver for the holdup, co-operated with South Carolina authorities and completed probation. But prosecutors are now trying to bring federal charges and, if convicted of the new charges, Taylor could face a life sentence.

Taylor’s lawyer contended the federal charges are a naked attempt to “squeeze” Taylor for information on the Drexel case. Asked by Magistrate Judge Mary Gordon Baker about “the real reason” for the charges and if they had to do with Drexel’s disappearance, Assistant US Attorney Winston Holliday said “that would be one” reason.

Taylor was released after posting $10,000 bail.

The FBI declined to discuss Munoz’s testimony or any aspect of the Drexel case with The Post and Courier.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was republished with permission


Henry Sapiecha


This primate was not monkeying around when he stole the cash from the jewellery store drawer

Trained Monkey Robs Rs 10000 from Jewellery Shop in India (Guntur), Monkey Thieves Caught on Camera

A thieving monkey has been filmed ransacking a jewellery shop and running off with cash in India.

The primate is said to have deliberately distracted staff by throwing a piece of fruit into the shop before “advancing towards the cash drawers”, The Hindu Times reports.

“The monkey threw a guava inside the shop. Then it entered the store in the pretext of taking back the fruit. We threw the fruit back but it entered the shop anyway,” the unnamed shop owner said.

“It sat for almost 20 minutes in the store and then it opened the drawer and took away cash.”

More than $200 is believed to have been stolen from the store, which is located in the city of Guntur, on India’s east coast.

It is not known if the cash has been recovered.


Monkeys, which are revered by Hindus, often run riot in urban centres in India, to the point where a “monkey prison” has been established for the more criminally minded primates.

One such jail, in the northern city of Patiala, houses 11 monkeys apprehended for thieving and attacking people.

“It’s unlikely that any of them will ever be paroled,” warden Ram Tirath told The Daily Telegraph.


Research into wildlife cybercrime has reveled more than 33,000 endangered species are currently listed for sale. –

animal trafficking cybercrime elephant image

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) released a report yesterday revealing the staggering scale of online trade of threatened and endangered animals.

“Wildlife crime can seem like a remote problem but the Internet brings it into everyone’s home,” said Josey Sharrad, Campaigner IFAW Australia.

“Our research has exposed only a fraction of wildlife cybercrime. If you think about all the countries in the world where people are using the Internet, then it is obvious the scale of the trade is mind-blowing.”

The comprehensive analysis in the report, Wanted – Dead or Alive; Exposing Online Wildlife Trade, on multi-million dollar trade in wild animals was performed over six weeks period in early 2014, on 280 online market places across 16 countries.

The investigation found out those more than 33,000 protected wildlife animals available for sale online, estimated to be worth almost 11 million USD.

“The team found a menagerie of wildlife for sale, both dead and alive,” said Sharrad.

“The highest number of adverts for large, live animals were found in Russia and Ukraine, and this raises concerns for the welfare of these animals that are being traded as a commodity.

“Overall, ivory was the most commonly touted product in the online adverts, accounting for almost a third. Given that an elephant is killed now every 15 minutes, it is incredibly disturbing,” warned Sharrad.

Much of the online and offline trade in wildlife and their parts is legal. However, police are investigating many of such advertisements that imposed legality concern.

Wildlife crime is a global threat, which ranks as the fourth most profitable illegal trade among human trafficking, drugs, goods counterfeit, and illegal arm sales.

Henry Sapiecha



Italian mobster fed to pigs

Nov. 28 – Police discover that an Italian mobster was killed by pig-feeding, after intercepting a phone call from the killer who boasted about enjoying hearing the victim scream.




Long term jail for cociane smugglers in the United Kingdom

Two men who attempted to smuggle 17 kilograms of cocaine into the UK inside live tropical fish have been jailed.

Olaf Urlik, 33, and Norbert Jarzabek, 32, both originally from Poland, first practised and then attempted to smuggle the high purity cocaine, worth an estimated AUD $2.36 million at wholesale, from Colombia into the UK.

The drug was dissolved in bags of fluid and then stored inside larger bags with the live fish, the Serious Organised Crime Agency said.

More than 16,000 fish died, and 34 survivors, including stingrays, catfish and tetras, are currently recovering in ZSL London Zoo.

Jarzabek carried out a trial run last April in a lock-up garage in Islington, London, after collecting a consignment of fish at Heathrow airport.

Urlik and Jarzabek then plotted the shipment which would contain cocaine, unaware that investigators from SOCA were watching.

The shipment of 25 double boxes of tropical fish arrived on July 9, labelled “Live Tropical Fish, Handle With Extreme Care”.

When SOCA and UK Border Agency officials scanned the boxes, they found ten containing bags of dissolved cocaine.

Jarzabek picked up the fish at the airport two days later. The consignment was loaded into the back of a van and driven to a property in Glade Avenue, Nottingham.

Urlik joined Jarzabek at the property about 2am after flying in from Amsterdam.

An hour and a half later, officers from SOCA and the UK Border Agency swooped and arrested the men at the scene, where a number of fish were found dead or dying in a colander due to a lack of oxygen.

Urlik and Jarzabek were jailed for 11 years each at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday after admitting conspiracy to import cocaine at an earlier hearing.

Sentencing the pair on Friday, His Honour Judge Head, said: “This was a highly sophisticated operation.

“Both these men had a substantial awareness of what they were doing, each had a leading role and both set to gain substantially.”

Following the hearing, Gerry Smyth, from SOCA, said: “These two were exceptionally callous. They used living creatures as a test run and then effectively as packaging for their drugs, seeing only the profits they would make.

“SOCA is grateful to the expert teams at ZSL London Zoo who helped us out in this very unusual case.

“Partnerships at a national and international level are vital if we are to tackle drug trafficking. Drugs cause misery for families and communities. These criminals are now facing lengthy jail terms and they’ve been denied their profits.”

Rachel Jones, from London Zoo, who is looking after the surviving fish, said: “Despite the awful way that they came about being here, we are pleased to say that the fish are now thriving at ZSL London Zoo’s Aquarium.

“When we first got the fish, most of them were drastically underweight, and they’d been living in cold, dirty water for days.

“Since we’ve been caring for them, we’ve seen vast improvements in their health; they’re growing really fast and they’ve joined groups of other Amazonian species for the public to see. They have a great future ahead of them, here at the zoo.”

Jacqueline Finn, senior lawyer in the Crown Prosecution Service organised crime division, said: “This case demonstrates the extraordinary and innovative lengths that drug dealers will go to so they can ply their evil trade.

“Urlik and Jarzabek thought that by having diluted cocaine hidden in bags of fish they would escape detection and net huge profits but they did not realise their plot had been detected.

“The joint investigation by SOCA, UKBA and Nottinghamshire Police provided the Crown Prosecution Service with detailed evidence against the two men.

“We worked closely with the agencies to build a strong case and when confronted with the evidence against them, Urlik and Jarzabek both pleaded guilty.”

U.S. police shoot concrete alligator

KANSAS CITY, Mo | Fri Jun 3, 2011 7:48am EDT

(Reuters Life!) – Police in a suburb in the state of Missouri recently encountered one tough alligator — or so they thought.

Officers in Independence, a Kansas City suburb, responded to a call on a Saturday evening about a large alligator lurking on the embankment of a pond, police spokesman Tom Gentry said Thursday.

An officer called a state conservation agent, who advised him to shoot the alligator because there was little that conservation officials could do at that time, Gentry said.

As instructed an officer shot the alligator, not once but twice, but both times the bullets bounced off — because the alligator was made of cement.

The property owner told police later that he placed the ornamental gator by the pond to keep children away. But residents had little to fear.

“There are no alligators around here, we are too far north, it’s too cold,” said Bill Graham, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Gentry acknowledged the incident is drawing a lot of attention.

“In hindsight, it’s humorous,” he said. “But we have to take every call seriously.”

Police accidently shoot

dog attack victim

(Reuters) – A German woman who had escaped without serious injury from a dog attack was accidentally shot by police while she hid from the animal behind a door, police said on Wednesday.

Police in Berlin shot the dog dead, but a stray bullet went through the door behind which the woman was cowering, striking her in the arm.

The woman was not seriously injured. She had gone to visit neighbors at their apartment on Tuesday evening when their two-year-old dog Carlito attacked her.

A police officer was also grazed in the throat by a ricocheting bullet. Police are investigating possible charges of negligence against both the dog’s owner and the police officers who fired the shots.

(Reporting by Eric Kelsey, editing by Paul Casciato)

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