Black Mass Murderer Admits He Killed All Four Of His Victims Simply Because They Were White

Black Mass Murderer Admits He Killed All Four Of His Victims Simply Because They Were White

On Monday, the capital murder trial got underway of the Black racist mass murderer, Kori Muhammad, who is accused of intentionally targeting and killing four White men, three of them during a shooting spree in downtown Fresno in 2017:

Police say Muhammad told them he killed the men because they were white.

Muhammad is also accused of killing 25-year-old Carl Williams, a security guard at a Motel 6 on Blackstone, near Ashlan.

In court, both sides started with opening statements. The defense focusing on Muhammad’s mental health, the prosecution focusing on facts and the chain of events leading to the four Fresno men being killed, starting back on April 13, 2017.

“This first murder was captured on video and the defendant later admits to every single murder and attempted murder on multiple occasions,” Kelly Smith with the Fresno County District Attorney’s office.

The defense was next saying the alleged actions by Muhammad were due to mental health issues he’s had since 1992.

“In this matter, the evidence is going to show that Mr. Muhammad is a very sick man and that these actions were taken by a man with serve mental health issues,” Richard Beshwate, Muhammad’s lawyer.

The main focus on Monday, the chain of events leading to the murder of Williams.

If the races were reversed in this heinous crime, we would be getting live updates of the trial 24/7, along with non-stop anti-White hate propaganda to convince Americans that White people are more of a threat than ISIS or Al Qaeda.

But because the mass murder is Black, just like most mass murderers in today’s America, it does not fit the pre-orchestrated script that the jewish-controlled media is shoving down our throats every day.

No one, of course, will ask WHY Muhammad hated White people to the point that he wanted to kill as many as he could.

The reason is simple: every Black person in America, from the time they are in diapers, are subjected to non-stop anti-White propaganda by the jewish-controlled media, of which Blacks are heavy consumers.

This jewish propaganda tells Blacks that evil, racist White people are the cause of all their failings in life, and that Whites ‘conspire’ to ‘keep them down‘ because Whites ‘fear’ having to compete with Black people.

And when Blacks violently lash out against random White people in shooting sprees, racist White people are blamed.

The purpose of this anti-White propaganda is specifically to incite violence against White people so that White people see Blacks as the cause of our social ill rather than the Jews who are literally writing the script in Hollywood for mass consumption.

We have a problem with Black violence in this country because we have a jewish problem.

If Blacks didn’t have a literal army of pro-bono jewish civil rights and criminal defense attorneys running interference for them, White America would put a virtual end to Black-on-White violent crime.


Henry Sapiecha

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