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David Enrique Meza and Taylor Marie Langston are accused of stabbing 52-year-old Jake Clyde Merendino to death image

David Enrique Meza and Taylor Marie Langston are accused of stabbing 52-year-old Jake Clyde Merendino to death. Picture: Facebook

A YOUNG couple allegedly lured a wealthy retiree into a gay relationship and made him sign away his fortune before killing him and dumping his body.

Fox reports that David Enrique Meza, 25, and Taylor Marie Langston, 20, from San Diego, were arrested yesterday with killing 52-year-old Jake Clyde Merendino and dumping his body in a Mexican ravine.

Police allege that Meza and Merendino met online in 2013 while they were both living in Houston. However by the time of the killing, Meza was living with his girlfriend, Taylor Langston, who was pregnant.

Merendino had a large inheritance left to him from his parents and earned good money flipping houses.


Wealthy … Jake Clyde Merendino was killed a dumped in a ravine.

The FBI claims that Meza and Merendino crossed the border into Mexico on April 29 to finalise a deal on a $300,000 property. Meza rode behind Merendino’s Range Rover on his motorbike, a 2014 Christmas present from his lover.

The checked into a hotel on May 1 and Merendino was seen in the lobby between 7pm and 8pm asking for a bottle opener.

At 10:30pm guests say they heard a motorbike leave the hotel. Staff say Meza was the only guest with a motorbike.

Meza was spotted at the Mexico-US border half an hour later.

However, Merendino was not dead at that point. At 1pm police say he told a security guard at the hotel that he had to go help a friend who was stranded on the road.

His body was found at 3:30am that morning in a ravine five minutes from the hotel.

While no CCTV footage shows Meza entering Mexico again — he can be seen crossing the border back into the US just before 4am with Langston’s SUV crossing the border into the US 25 minutes later.

David Enrique Meza has denied killing Jake Merendino image

Story doesn’t add up … David Enrique Meza has denied killing Jake Merendino. Picture: Facebook

By 7pm that night they were back at the Mexican hotel where Meza told staff he needed to get something from the room.

Merendino’s Rolex watch, iPhone, iPad and laptop were all later found to be missing.

Meza also contested Merendino’s will, producing a handwritten version that said he was the sole heir to Merendino’s fortune.

While Meza has denied killing Merendino, he did admit that he and Langston had planned on robbing him but got cold feet.

When Langston was interviewed she claimed to be spending time with Meza’s friend ‘Joe’.

The FBI interviewed the friend who told them that Meza had called him a week before pleading with him to lie to police



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