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According to a BBC article the criminals known as IS seek to eradicate obstacles to restoring their interpretation of God’s rule on Earth and to defend the Muslim community, or umma, against infidels and apostates. Yet they have been denounced by the Islamic Community so they should not be labelled Islamic.

They also seem contradictory because they perform in the most ungodly manner with their brutality and uncaring commitment to life as we have seen once again, this time in France. To say they are terrorists suggests the unofficial or unauthorised use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims but yet they profess to be in pursuit of religious aims so even this term fails to describe them.

Just like Hitler they seem to suggest they are and have superiority and hence can take anyone’s life. We cannot call them a state because a state is a nation or territory considered as an organised political community under one government. They thus have no claim to be Islamic or a State and by their behaviour can only be defined as criminals against humanity. A united call to action through the UN should eradicate these criminals as everyone faces a threat. Targeting their money supply and weapons should be the first task.

Words from ALA not a threat

This latest Muslim atrocity in Paris should be a wake-up call to Europe and Australia that with the huge influx of Middle East Muslim asylum seekers the pool has dramatically increased for the so-called minority of terrorists and extremists to slip through the system. This Muslim terrorist attack in Paris has also indirectly just increased the pool of Australians that will now support the new Islam-critical political party the Australian Liberty Alliance. This Australian is far more afraid of the “minority” of Muslim extremists, the real racists with their Kalashnikovs and suicide vests, than the “minority” of supporters of the ALA, Reclaim Australia, Fred Nile or Pauline Hansons with mere “words” of warning.


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