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TERROR group ISIS have been given a taste of their own brutal medicine after a rival jihadist group in Syria released a brutal video showing the execution of 18 ISIS members.

The video, which runs for 19 minutes, shows members of Syrian rebel group Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) dressed in orange and standing menacingly over captured ISIS fighters, chained together with ankle and hand shackles, and dressed in black.

The colours are a sick role reversal on the usual ISIS murder videos, which typically showcase ISIS fighters wearing black while their victims are dressed in orange.

The production mimics many aspects of the ISIS group’s own execution videos, with similar sound effects and visuals.

In the video, Jaysh al-Islam fighters say the ISIS fighters are being executed in part as revenge for the deaths of at least three of the rebel group’s members, who were beheaded by ISIS.

The rebel group also refers to a major battle it fought with ISIS in February. It accuses ISIS of being allied with President Bashar al-Assad’s regime against its fighters and those of other Islamist rebel groups.

The video includes starkly sectarian language, accusing ISIS of betraying Sunni Muslims and allying with Shiite Muslims and “Nusayris,” a derogatory terms for the Alawite sect to which Assad belongs.

Condemned  A mugshot of some of the executed ISIS soldiers image

Condemned … A mugshot of some of the executed ISIS soldiers.

“This group claimed to be the mother state and made Takfir on other Muslims [accused them of apostasy], shed their blood and looted their properties and dignities,” one of the Army of Islam fighters says before the video cuts to the executions.

“This is the penalty for what they have committed. We also call on their fellows to repent,” he says.

It also contains lengthy “confessions” from ISIS fighters, who claim that they did not fight against the Syrian army while with ISIS.

The interrogations appear intended to show that ISIS has focused its fight on other opposition forces, rather than the Syrian government.

The last part of the video shows the 18 IS fighters in black, kneeling before Jaysh al-Islam executioners who shoot them in the head.

Role reversal  ISIS fighters were forced to “confess” before their death, a common feature of the group’s own video production image

Role reversal … ISIS fighters were forced to “confess” before their death, a common feature of the group’s own video production. Picture: YouTube

The shots are filmed from multiple angles and include gruesome close-up shots.

The Islamic State group emerged in Syria in 2013, when it sought to merge with Al-Qaeda’s local affiliate Al-Nusra Front.

But Al-Nusra refused the merger, and IS has since been at odds with the group as well as Islamist and moderate rebels.

In the area around Damascus, its forces have battled Jaysh al-Islam and other rebel organisations.

Last week, a video emerged showing IS jihadists beheading 12 men from rival groups, among them at least three from Jaysh al-Islam and one from Jaysh al-Islam and one from Al-Nusra

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