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Colombian gold CEO involved in $970m laundering case arrested

A manhunt for the Chief Executive Officer of CI Goldex, once the Colombia’s second-largest gold exporter, ended this week after police caught John Hernandez on a public bus Tuesday night.

According to Colombia’s Attorney General’s office, the company and its top executives are at the centre of a $970 million money-laundering scheme involving cocaine traffickers, Bloomberg reported.

For years, prosecutors followed the traces left by Hernandez, in an attempt to determine his involvement in the money laundering case. They finally gathered enough evidence to charge him last week, and authorities ordered his arrest along with two dozen other people.

Colombian gold CEO involved in $970m laundering case arrested

In the past, Goldex had acknowledged that most its gold was mined in the northeast of the Antioquia department, where illegal armed groups like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Urabeños are active in mining activities.

Mixing it up

Prosecutors believe the company used to add illegally mined gold to legally extracted minerals and thus helped finance the illegal businesses of rebels and neo-paramilitaries.

An anonymous source within the Colombian police told local paper El Tiempo (in Spanish) last year that Goldex was not the only gold exporter investigated for illegal activities.

“We are investigating six companies that are suspicious and could be linked to crimes like money laundering and illicit enrichment,” the source told the newspaper.

Two years ago local authorities said than profits from illegal gold mining were already five times greater than returns from cocaine for rebels groups operating in the country.

Colombia, Latin America’s third-largest economy, has over the past decade been working hard to leave behind the years of trafficking-fuelled violence, which tainted its name abroad.

This October 23 photo shows militants of Islamic State as they stand next to the explosion of an air strike on Tilsehir Hill near the Turkish border, at Yumurtalik village.

This October 23 photo shows militants of Islamic State as they stand next to the explosion of an air strike on Tilsehir Hill near the Turkish border, at Yumurtalik village. Photo: AFP
Beirut: US-led air strikes in Syria have killed more than 1000 jihadists in the past three months, nearly all of them from the Islamic State group, a monitoring group said Tuesday.

“At least 1171 have been killed in the Arab and international air strikes (since September 23), including 1119 jihadists of the Islamic State group and Al-Nusra Front,” said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on a network of activists and medics across the war-ravaged country for its information.

Among those killed were 1046 members of the IS group, which has seized large chunks of Iraq and Syria and is the main target of the US-led air strikes.

Targeted: Islamic State fighters are being hit each day by US-led air strikes.
Seventy-two of those killed were members of al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the Al-Nusra Front, while another was a jihadist prisoner whose affiliation was unknown, the Observatory said in a statement.

The remaining 52 were civilians.

IS has declared a “caliphate” in the parts of Iraq and Syria that it has overrun, and its militants have been accused of widespread atrocities, including beheading Western hostages.

Three French Mirage fighter jets land in a base in Jordan to assist in the fight against the Islamic State group.

Three French Mirage fighter jets land in a base in Jordan to assist in the fight against the Islamic State group. Photo: AFP
Sex slavery pushes Iraq IS victims to suicide: Amnesty

Baghdad: Women and girls from Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority forced into sexual slavery by the Islamic State jihadist group have committed suicide or tried to, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

IS militants have overrun swathes of Iraq since June, declared a cross-border caliphate also encompassing parts of neighbouring Syria, and carried out a litany of abuses in both countries.

Saudi Arabian air force pilots take part in a strike mission against Islamic State targets in Syria.

Saudi Arabian air force pilots take part in a strike mission against Islamic State targets in Syria.
The group has targeted Yazidis and other minorities in north Iraq in a campaign that rights group Amnesty said amounted to ethnic cleansing, murdering civilians and enslaving others for a fate that some captives consider even worse than death.

“Many of those held as sexual slaves are children – girls aged 14, 15 or even younger,” Donatella Rovera, Amnesty’s senior crisis response adviser, said in a statement.

Amnesty said that many of the perpetrators are IS fighters, but may also include supporters of the group.

Smoke rises during air strikes on Kobane seen from the Turkish-Syrian border.

Smoke rises during air strikes on Kobane seen from the Turkish-Syrian border. Photo: AFP
A 19-year-old named Jilan committed suicide out of fear she would be raped, Amnesty quoted her brother as saying.

A girl who was held with her but later escaped confirmed the account, saying: “One day we were given clothes that looked like dance costumes and were told to bathe and wear those clothes. Jilan killed herself in the bathroom.”

“She cut her wrists and hanged herself. She was very beautiful; I think she knew she was going to be taken away by a man and that is why she killed herself.”

Women and girls from the Yazadi and Christian minorities in Iraq have been captured and used as sex slaves by Islamic State forces. Here displaced people from the<br /><br />
Yazidi sect flee the Islamic State in Sinjar.

Women and girls from the Yazadi and Christian minorities in Iraq have been captured and used as sex slaves by Islamic State forces. Here displaced people from the Yazidi sect flee the Islamic State in Sinjar. Photo: Reuters
Another former captive told the rights group that she and her sister tried to kill themselves to escape forced marriage, but were stopped from doing so.

“We tied… scarves around our necks and pulled away from each other as hard as we could, until I fainted… I could not speak for several days after that,” Wafa, 27, told the rights group.

Amnesty also recounted the story of 16-year-old Randa, who was abducted with her family and raped by a man twice her age.

Treated like chattel by Islamic State ... A refugee girl from the minority Yazidi sect stands on a muddy path outside tents during wintry weather at Nowruz refugee camp in Qamishli, northeastern Syria.

Treated like chattel by Islamic State … A refugee girl from the minority Yazidi sect stands on a muddy path outside tents during wintry weather at Nowruz refugee camp in Qamishli, northeastern Syria. Photo: Reuters
“It is so painful what they did to me and to my family,” Randa said.

Rovera said: “The physical and psychological toll of the horrifying sexual violence these women have endured is catastrophic.

“Many of them have been tortured and treated as chattel. Even those who have managed to escape remain deeply traumatised.”

Kurdish refugees sit on the side of the road after fleeing Kobane.

Kurdish refugees sit on the side of the road after fleeing Kobane. Photo: AFP
A US-led coalition has been carrying out a campaign of air strikes against IS in Iraq and Syria in an attempt to halt the group’s advance.


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Some criminals are incredibly smart. They methodically plan out their crime and execute the crime to perfection. Since they’re so brilliant, they are able to get away with the crime. And then there are these 15 knuckleheads. These idiots simply shouldn’t stick with a life of crime because they’re too dumb to get away with anything. Because of their stupidity, they’ve made our list of 15 dumbest criminals. So let’s all sit back, relax, and laugh our butts off at these complete and utter morons. They deserve it.

Donald Gartner above busted twice in same night

Florida resident, Donald Gartner, had quite an eventful evening. Dude loaded up on some booze and Oxycontin and began starting fights over at his neighbor’s house. That stupidity landed him in the slam, but he was soon released. One would figure after getting arrested the first time in the evening, Gartner would be smart enough to just go home and sleep. WRONG! Instead, he busted into some cars in the jail parking lot and was sent right back inside.

Estallamarie Ruiz of Chicago burger buy with card at scene of crime

This is one of those WTF moments. Estallamarie Ruiz of Chicago stole a wallet from a woman’s car. Standard criminal activity. Well, until Ruiz decided to head across the street to McDonald’s to get her children a Happy Meal. Instead of fleeing the scene of the crime, she used a stolen credit card within 50 feet of where she stole it. It didn’t take long to investigate this crime. Her green van was spotted leaving the scene of the crime and then located at McDonald’s, along with the stolen wallet. in York County Prison.

New Jersey’s Keenan Pleasant above

Chalk this one up in the “oops” category. Most criminals make sure to leave as little evidence as possible. Not New Jersey’s Keenan Pleasant. Keenan, a 22-year old idiot, burglarized a home in Jackson Township, NJ. Chances are he would have gotten away with it if not for a huge mistake. Pleasant left behind his cell phone and the po-po’s were able to trace it to him. They found him sleeping in his basement and sent him to jail, where he belongs.

O.J. Simpson above

When you get away with a double-murder, the smart thing to do is count your blessings, be thankful you got away with such a heinous crime, and then steer clear from future criminal activity. That isn’t what former football star O.J. Simpson did. The Juice, in 2007, entered a Las Vegas hotel room with a gun, attempting to recover items he believed were his. Most people would have received a 3-6 month sentence. But since O.J. got away with a previous crime, he was sentenced to 9-33 years in prison.

Deaf Bank Robber

Germany’s Klaus Schmidt was hearing impaired. Note above.

If you have severe hearing problems, perhaps a life of crime just isn’t for you. Don’t tell that to Germany’s Klaus Schmidt. In 1995, Schmidt robbed a bank and made it evident to patrons that he was hearing impaired. A bank employee took advantage of his disability by setting off an alarm. Schmidt never heard it and the cops showed up to send him to jail. Schmidt was, as you would expect, angry, so he attempted to sue the bank for exploiting his disability.

Ruben Zarate provides phone number when robbing a store

Ruben Zarate, an 18-year old from Chicago in 2008 pulled off one of the dumbest moves in criminal history. Zarate entered a car repair shop with a gun demanding cash. However, the employee informed Zarate that money is kept locked in the safe and only the manager, who was not at work at the time, could open it. Zarate became impatient and gave the employee his phone number to call him when the manager arrives. Brilliant.

Anne Marie Linscott above craiglist hit man hire attempt

Craigslist is a great way to find the services you need. However, if that service happens to be a hit man to off your husband, perhaps Craigslist isn’t the safest place. Anne Marie Linscott didn’t follow our advice. The Grand Rapids, Michigan resident placed an ad on Craigslist offering up $5,000 to the person that would successfully end her husband’s life. Of course, she got caught and was sent to prison for a long time.

Prosecution: Aaron Hernandez Killed Two Men Over A Spilled Drink

Aaron Hernandez above cares more about killing people than playing in the NFL

Aaron Hernandez hasn’t yet been convicted of anything – in the court of law. But in the court of common sense, Hernandez clearly is guilty of at least being involved in at least one murder, if not many more. Hernandez is an idiot and an arrogant prick that will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. It’s a real shame because Hernandez is a multi-millionaire with a bright NFL career ahead of him. He threw it all away.

His own wanted poster: Rodney Knight Jr not only broke into a house and stole a laptop, but then posted a picture of himself on its owner's Facebook page

Eric Steven Livingston above makes constant threats through social media

Eric Steven Livingston, an Iowa resident that dubs himself as “The Messiah”, is quite the Mensa. Eric – otherwise referred to as Elijah on Facebook – has quite the addiction to crime. And he’s really bad at getting away with it. Perhaps someone should inform Livingston that threats made through social media can be held against him in court. Better yet, let’s all just hope this reject offs himself. And let’s hope that happens before he harms someone.



Kimberly Capdevila mails cow poop above to neighbors

Another crazy Iowan makes our list! Kimberly Capdevila of Burlington, Iowa got angry with her neighbors. Unlike most neighborhood disputes, Kimberly didn’t just walk away and act like a respectable adult. Instead, she sent her neighbors a stinky package through the mail. When the neighbors opened the package up they discovered cow poop. It wasn’t hard to trace the package back to Capdevila, and she was promptly arrested. No word on what the neighbors did with the cow poop…

Lawrence Taylor has been arrested for rape

Lawrence Taylor above allegedly rapes an underage prostitute

Lawrence Taylor is now an old man, but he was once a superstar for the New York Giants. Taylor’s had many problems throughout his life with drug use. But in 2010, he topped the charts on stupidity when he met a prostitute that turned out to be under age. Taylor claimed he didn’t know she was underage but that shouldn’t matter. A 50-something celebrity shouldn’t need a young hooker to get laid. Come on, LT, time to quit being a piece of garbage.












Michael Shane Hagger above commenting on facebook

New Zealand police put up a notice on their Facebook page about a criminal that was on the loose. That criminal – Michael Shane Hagger – decided that he wanted to taunt the police by actually commenting on that status. He left a “hoo rah” message, which was “liked” by more than 50 people. As you may have guessed, that comment helped lead police to Hagger. It just goes to show how criminals should not underestimate the power of social media.

Suzanne Basham

Suzanne Basham above calls cops to report drug dealer that sold her bad crack

Suzanne Basham is your typical crack addict. She’s completely messed in the head. Basham was upset when her drug dealer sold her sugar, as you would expect. Instead of taking the alleged sugar back to the dealer for the real stuff, Basham called up the police to file a complaint and have him arrested for theft. The cops came out and arrested her for possession of drug paraphernalia.

David Weber above attempts to purchase booze with card he stole from bartender

David Weber of Miami Beach, Florida just might be the dumbest of the dumb. Weber busted into a car and stole a credit card. Standard stuff. Well, until he decided to use that credit card in the wrong place. Weber went into a bar to purchase alcohol and, as you would expect, used the credit card he had just stolen. However, that card just so happened to be the bartender’s. Oops.

Police recently arrested Alan Golden for allegedly attempting a dine-and-dash during a police fundraiser.

Alan Golden above arrested at police fundraiser

Chalk this one up in the “wtf” category. Alan Golden of New Mexico attempted to dine-and-dash at an Applebee’s. Not really a big deal. It happens all the time. Except this time, Golden did it at the same time as a police fundraiser was taking place at the restaurant. He probably should have picked a better time to dine-and-dash. Golden was subsequently arrested. Pay your dinner bill next time, son!

Well if these characters above were the criminal elite, crime would be in trouble


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Former Anglo American mining executive Glenn Tonkin

Anglo American is pursuing a former Brisbane-based executive in a civil suit in Brisbane’s Supreme Court.

A FRAUD claim against a senior Queensland mining boss has ballooned with his employer accusing him of stealing more than twice as much as previously thought.

Glenn James Tonkin, 50, from Mount Samson, west of Brisbane, was accused in September of rorting $4.5 million from global mining giant Anglo American’s Queensland coal business between 2013 and 2014.

After swiftly freezing his assets and hiring investigators to probe his past, shortly before Christmas the company slapped him with another $5.3 million damages claim — alleging he also rorted the company when he worked to expand a copper mine in South America between 2009 and 2011.

Tonkin is accused of using an elaborate scheme of fake invoices to secretly siphon company money to his offshore bank accounts in the Caribbean and Hong Kong, according to documents filed in a civil suit in Brisbane’s Supreme Court.

The claims arose in September while he was on a $315,000 salary working as the project manager of a central Queensland mine — where he had the power to approve payments to contractors.


In documents filed to the court, his work colleagues at Anglo’s Brisbane CBD office and its mine project in central Queensland claimed he had been on a spending spree — buying a 50-foot catamaran worth nearly $1 million, a Harley Davidson and a Mercedes.

A colleague who worked as a construction manager at the Grosvenor mine, Greg O’Donnell said that Tonkin telephoned him in late August to boast about buying a Harley.

“He said to me … he had bought a (new) Harley Davidson ‘breakout’ motorcycle. He said (it was) blue because everyone has a red one.

“He said he bought the top model and (he had purchased upgrades).”

Mr O’Donnell also claimed Tonkin had boasted about his boat and had arranged a sailing trip for a dozen colleagues from the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly in February 2013, documents show.

“He said that … it was quite large … and it could berth himself and his wife on one side and children on the other.”

Another colleague, commercial manager Stephen Grant said he went to a Christmas party at Tonkin’s Mount Samson home.

“Mr Tonkin’s home is very impressive and well presented … (it) is on a large number of hectares and has a large entertaining area, a pool and a very substantial home theatre,” Grant stated in the court documents.

Tonkin’s impressive property portfolio also includes a home in Holland Park in Brisbane’s southeast.

Mr Grant said he was surprised when Tonkin drove to work on what would be his last day at the company in “what appeared to be a brand new (black) Mercedes”.

“Mr Tonkin said the car was an asset of his family trust,” Mr Grant said.

Mr Grant said Tonkin told him the car was bought “to solve a tax problem”.

It is alleged that Tonkin approached contractors to the Australian and South American mining projects asking them to pay a company he secretly owned for phantom equipment or consultancy work.

The contractors didn’t know they were being used by Tonkin to try and hide his alleged fraud.

The contractors would later pass on the charges to Anglo American and Tonkin would green light payment. No equipment or services were allegedly ever provided, but amid mine projects worth billions the $9.8 million was allegedly not missed.

Court files show Anglo spent $US2.8 billion expanding the Los Bronces mine in Chile — and of this $500 million was with contracts entered directly by Anglo staff such as Tonkin.

It appears Tonkin didn’t see the allegations coming because on the day he was confronted by his bosses and chose to resign, he emailed contractor Andrew Barnes thanking him for his help.

“The payment was all completed … thanks for your help with this, I owe you a bottle of red,” Tonkin wrote.

Tonkin is expected to deny the allegations and defend the claim.

In the case involving the alleged payments from the coal mine development in Queensland, he has claimed “self-incrimination privilege against the production of some documents and information”.

Anglo succeeded in getting court permission to search his Mount Samson home.

And on October 24, he also chose to voluntarily transfer $3.2 million from his Hong Kong bank account to the lawyers acting for Anglo — a move that Anglo claims “amounts to an admission”.

The alleged con unravelled in mid-August after an eagle-eyed colleague Phillipa Starmer noticed one of her emails had been altered. After an investigation, the HR department found it was likely Tonkin was responsible.

Tonkin admitted he had breached procurement guidelines — a relatively minor misdeed — but rather than stand aside while he was investigated Tonkin chose to resign.

When the HR boss began digging, he found the US consultant named in the email — Hank Testolin — didn’t exist. Alarm bells rang.

In November Anglo sent its lawyer to Santiago in Chile to interview potential witnesses in the case against Tonkin.

The case returns to court on January 29.

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Many individuals in society make mistakes and end up on the wrong side of the law. Normally the people that do are the ones that don’t have a lot at stake or don’t have any connections to the police department. You would typically expect those with billions of dollars to be able to escape prison time, and in most cases, that would be correct.
Every so often, Johnny Law doesn’t care how much you are worth and how much you are willing to throw around to avoid jail. The Taxman also doesn’t care, and he’s going to get his money either way. Not all billionaires are built the same— some of them have gone to jail for cheating people out of millions of dollars, while others just got too drunk and made the bad decision to drive. Somehow, there is a billionaire on this list who could have easily afforded his own limo company ten times over and yet still decided to drive home drunk.We found 10 billionaires that have been sent to jail for the kind of bad behavior that you would expect from someone with a negative net worth. These guys (yes, men only on this list) fought the law and the law won! What did they all do to make the law so mad? Check out this list to see what these billionaire bad boys did to get themselves behind bars.

#10 – Wong Kwong Yu ($1.55 Billion)

We start the list in China where Wong Kwong Yu was recognized as the richest man in the country in 2006. With the largest population in the world, that’s really saying something. Yu was the master of retail electronics in China, but got busted when he started making excessive money.

Turns out his key to success wasn’t an ancient Chinese guarded secret. It was instead just a bunch of insider trading and attempts to pay off law enforcement officials. Yu got sentenced to 14 years in prison as a result and made a six figure profit on his inside trade. After getting popped, Yu tried to spend $750,000 to get people to look the other way. Spoiler alert: They refused.



#9 – Jim Irsay ($1.6 Billion)

Jim Irsay is one of the most outspoken owners in the US sporting arena, and is the current CEO of the Indianapolis Colts. One Sunday night, Irsay was driving from Indianapolis back to his home in the suburb of Carmel, Indiana. Due to his erratic driving and suspicious actions on the road, the boys in blue decided to pull Irsay over.

What police found was a little more than what they were expecting. Irsay was lit out of his mind and prescription drugs were found in his expensive car. Irsay had to go to jail, and the NFL wasn’t too happy with him. Irsay was suspended for half of the season, which is a shame because the Colts are actually a fun team to watch thanks to Andrew Luck the quarterback.



#8 – Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana ($1.65 Billion)

Dolce and Gabbana are two of the most recognizable names in all of fashion. They are also two of the most recognizable names in all of tax evasion. Italy was going through a recession and started busting down on those that dodged their taxes, and Dolce and Gabbana were public enemy number one.

Despite being very successful, the fashion duo wanted to be more successful and made a phony company to sell to a company in Luxembourg. That sale allowed them to save half a billion in taxes outside of Italy. Now they owe $1 billion in taxes and fees to the court for breaking the law. At least they will be the best dressed in prison.




#7 – Allen Stanford ($2.2 Billion)

Allen Stanford the con man became a billionaire in the finance game, but he did so by cheating & conning everyone he ever worked with. The judge was a little miffed during the case and sentenced him to 110 years in prison. The prosecutors accepted that, but initially wanted more than 200 years for Stanford. Not that it really matters, since nobody has lived to see 170 years.

Stanford was the conductor of a ponzi scheme that promised huge returns on investments. Stanford duped the young, the old, the smart, the foolish and everyone in between. The billions that he took from people made him wealthy, but he didn’t get to enjoy it for very long. Every dog has its day, but time caught up to him eventually. Unfortunately, Stanford can’t repay all of the money he stole, so the folks he screwed have to cut their losses.


#6 – Chey Tae-won ($2.5 Billion)

People with a lot of money are known to be maybe just a little eccentric, but Tae-Won might take the cake in terms of crazy. After visiting a fortune teller, and hiring him to become the asset manager of his company, Tae-Won took money from his own company to help the Shaman.

The investment in the mystical person was not met with a lot of foresight, since he jetted out of the country with $50 million of his money. The shareholders weren’t too happy that the company they invested in was suddenly without funds & broke and Tae-Won was wanted for embezzlement. The  Chinese authorities decided that his goofy act was worth at least four years in prison, which the fortune teller did not tell him about, for obvious reasons.



#5 – Bernie Ecclestone ($4.2 Billion)

Bernie Ecclestone and his Formula One empire have achieved international popularity. That still hasn’t stopped Ecclestone from trying to make more money through selling some of his shares, but he went about it the wrong way. Ecclestone decided to bribe an investment banker for a guarantee that the bank would let him stay in charge even after selling their stake.

That’s not how things work, and the bribe that was accepted put the investment banker in prison for over eight years. Ecclestone has cried foul and said that he was blackmailed, but not a lot of people are buying it and his day in court is upcoming. It looks like it will be hard for Ecclestone to get out of this one if he doesn’t offer another bribe.



#4 – Joseph Lau ($8.4 Billion)

The story of Lau is almost identical to that of the Kwok brothers later on in this list. Also in Hong Kong, Lau was found guilty for attempting to pay more than $2 million to the government public works head of staff for some land deals. It probably happens there all the time, but only a few guys have gotten caught.

Lau had to give up his company and spend more than five years in jail. The good news for Lau is that he is from the country of Macau. Hong Kong and Macau aren’t the best of friends, so Lau isn’t really in danger of being sent back to the country. Still, the whole fiasco is a cautionary tale that the Kwok brothers probably should have paid some attaention to.




#3 – Vladimir Yevtushenkov ($9 Billion)

Vladimir-YevtushenkovRarely do you become one of the richest businessmen in the entire nation of Russia without pulling a few strings and cutting a few corners. That’s exactly what oligarch Yevtushenkov did in 2014 to get arrested for money laundering. Is it really that big of a surprise? For the head of an oil company to be a greedy cheater?

Not only did Vladimir have to do some prison time, but the Kremlin also took his assets in the oil company. After looking at the oil prices in January 2015 and the fact that it’s about $1.60 a gallon in the United States, Vladimir may have lucked out after all. Russia’s oil market had been in shambles in 2014, and a lot of people are happy about it.




#2 – Silvio Berlusconi ($9 Billion)

Berlusconi will not be confused with a good or pious man anytime soon. Despite being in his late 70’s, Berlusconi got busted by law enforcement on two different charges. The first is just your run of the mill tax fraud that billionaires seem to be attracted to, but the second was a little puzzling. Berlusconi was also charged and found guilty of sex with an underage prostitute nicknamed “The Heart Stealer”.

There are still three more charges that are awaiting trial, including defamation, wiretapping and bribery. The old weasel made his money by buying rights to television shows and movies during the 1980’s. The tax gymnastics he did with his company netted him a lot of dodgey money, so he had a price to pay.



#1 – Thomas & Raymond Kwok ($12.6 Billion)

Hong Kong is a place with big money at the top, and the Kwok brothers decided they wanted more and more despite being multi billionaires already. Insider information is hard to come by, and the Kwok brothers were willing to cough up $$$ for it. The problem is that you can’t do that without some retribution.

These two ‘dodgey brothers’ wanted some private information on land sales that were pending to stay ahead of the curve. That was bad enough, but the Kwok’s were also accused of bribing a chief secretary to look the other way. The chief secretary is the second in charge in Hong Kong, which obviously had the number one guy a little jealous that he wasn’t getting a piece of the action and the charges were brought in hard.



A Rolex watch, similar to the one that was stolen

A Rolex watch, similar to the one that was stolen Photo: Victoria Police.

The clock may be ticking for a man who allegedly duped two Gumtree sellers into letting him try on an expensive Rolex watch before running off with it.

Police are searching for the man who met the sellers at Doncaster Shopping Centre.

The sellers set up the meeting with the man, who used the name “Johnny”, after he expressed interest in buying the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch, which had been advertised on Gumtree for $22,000.

The man wanted over the theft of a $22,000 Rolex

The man wanted over the theft of a $22,000 Rolex Photo: Victoria Police.

After asking to try on the watch, the man ran off with it.

One of the sellers chased after the man, but gave up when the thief allegedly pulled out a weapon and threatened him with it.

Features of the stolen watch, according to the Gumtree advertisement, include a “chocolate Arabic dial and black ceramic bezel black strap” and an “18 [carat] everose gold folding buckle with locking clasp”.

Police have released images taken from CCTV footage of the man, who is described as being aged between 20 and 30 years old and about 180 centimetres tall, with an athletic build.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000


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