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Ameer Abdullah, the chief of the local police force, says “Residents informed police after a stench emanated from the house of the two brothers. We raided the house on Monday morning and found the head of a young boy. We have arrested one of the brothers, Mohammad Arif, and are conducting raids for the arrest of the other brother.”

Police are also looking at local cemeteries to see if any other grave sites have been disturbed.

Fakhar Bhatti, who discovered the corpse of a 24-year-old woman at the brothers’ home a few years ago, says “In the middle of the room, I saw a cooking pot which was half full of meat curry. Nearby was a wooden board, a butcher’s axe, and a large kitchen knife. Bits of fat clung to the board and the blade of the axe. It still gives me the creeps; they had chopped off one of her legs below the knee, and the other near the shin. The rest of the body was intact. The curry was made from those parts.”


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