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An Australian man risked losing his driver’s licence for three years when he took his motorised esky on a drunken late night trip to a McDonald’s drive-through.

William Bevan Kropp, was three times over the limit when he drove the 49cc motorised esky 20km/h from his Lisa Place home along Denton Park Drive to Rutherford McDonald’s.

Police were responding to a report of antisocial behaviour at the fast food restaurant about 2.20am on May 19 when they saw Kropp, 27, steer into the drive-through.

When police stopped him at the final window, they saw the four-wheeled vehicle was fitted with an esky as a seat, a 49cc petrol motor that formed part of the chassis, and full steering but it had no lights, blinkers or reflectors.

The device is classed as a vehicle under the law that defines a vehicle as “built to be propelled by a motor that forms part of the vehicle”.

Kropp was not wearing a helmet, his eyes were glazed and his speech slurred when police asked for his licence.

He told police he’d had “some vodkas” earlier in the night and was taken to Maitland police station after returning a positive reading to a roadside breath test.

Police said the man became aggressive at the station where he returned a high-range reading of 0.155.

He told police he had consumed five low-carb beers and five vodka pineapple drinks since 11am the day before.

Kropp was suspended from driving and had been without his licence for three months when he fronted Maitland Local Court on Wednesday to defend a high-range drink-driving and driving an unregistered vehicle charge.

After discussions with police Kropp pleaded guilty to the offences.

The court heard the suspension had placed a massive strain on his ­employment and finances.

Kropp faced an automatic three-year disqualification for high-range drink-driving that also carries a maximum $3300 fine and 18 months jail.

His licence was returned to him and he was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond without conviction provided he completed the Traffic Offenders Program, attend a Road Wise Course and submit an assignment relating to the illegality of internet-type vehicles, which is where he bought the vehicle.



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