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See how blind devotion and strict organization make La Nuestra Familia one of the deadliest and most effective criminal groups in America.
They may be in prison for life, but the shot-callers of La Nuestra Familia still run gang business on the outside with ruthless efficiency. Ray Sanchez learned this the hard way in 2001 when “Lil Mondo” Frias, following a standing hit order issued by leaders incarcerated in Pelican Bay Prison, shot him in the back of the neck.
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With a formal, written constitution and an unshakeable loyalty among its members, this West Coast operation has proved a major headache to law enforcement both on the street and behind bars. GANGLAND uncovers the organization of this group of devoted drugs-and-murder specialists and reveals its most notorious operations. See what law enforcement is up against and what they’re doing about it.
In this gripping expos?, you’ll find out what they really mean by

“BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT!” La Nuestra Familia

Kneelsit - The Chair for Life

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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