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A BLOOD spot found in Robert Xie’s garage is a one in 40,000 match to the brother-in-law he is accused of bashing to death – but a bloody palm print taken from the crime scene doesn’t match the accused Lin family murderer, a court was told.

More than three years after five members of the Lin family were killed as they slept in their North Epping home, Xie – the 48-year-old brother-in-law of newsagent Min Lin – yesterday faced a committal hearing that will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial.

Min’s wife Lillie, her sister Irene and two young boys who cannot be named were bashed to death “with a hammer type weapon” that had a gauze attached to it to “deaden” any noise made during the attack on July 18, 2009, the court heard.

Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC told Central Local Court the family slaying had been done by someone with “access” to the home, who also knew the layout of the bedrooms which had been plunged into darkness by a killer who shut off the power.

He said a police search of Xie’s house, 250m from the Lin home, uncovered a bloodspot which contained a mixture of four people’s DNA. The court heard Min Lin, who provided blood to police when he witnessed a robbery near his newsagency, is a one in 40,000 match to part of that profile. “There is only one way that a mix of blood so similar could have got into his garage (and) that is because (Xie) is responsible for the murder of the five people in his brother-in-law’s house,” Mr Tedeschi said.

But Xie’s barrister Graham Turnbull SC slammed the prosecution case as having “no motive” and suggested two unknown people using up to three weapons were the killers.

He said the bloodspot evidence was unreliable as it was “ingrained in concrete” and “not accepted . . . (as) blood at all”.

Mr Turnbull said a palm print in blood found on the power box remained unidentified.

Mr Tedeschi said Xie and his wife Kathy Lin could be heard arguing in Cantonese during the triple-zero call as she “screamed” and “pleaded” with him not to leave her at her brother’s house alone. “For all (she) knew, the killer may still be lurking around.

“The defendant was quite prepared to leave her on her own . . . he knew she wasn’t at any risk because he was the person who had murdered the five victims.”

Kathy Lin will give evidence before Magistrate John Andrews at the hearing today.

The wife of the man accused of killing five members of the Lin family told her husband ‘I’m more scared than you’ after discovering their bodies in a Sydney home.
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Kathy Lin broke down in Central Local Court on Tuesday as she was repeatedly played the triple zero call she made after finding the bodies of her brother and four of his family members in their North Epping home in 2009.

The court heard the emergency operator ask a hysterical Ms Lin ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong?’ and ‘Why do you need an ambulance?’ before telling her to ‘Stop screaming’.

Ms Lin cried in the witness stand as she heard herself say, ‘I’m not sure, someone’s killed my brother’s family.’

The court heard that Ms Lin found the bodies of her brother Min ‘Norman’ Lin, 45, Mr Lin’s wife, Yun Li ‘Lily’ Lin, 43, her sister, Yun Bin ‘Irene’ Yin, 39, and two boys who cannot be named for legal reasons, at the family’s home on the morning of July 18, 2009.

They had been beaten and the causes of death for four of the victims included asphyxia.

Ms Lin’s husband, Lian Bin ‘Robert’ Xie, 48, has been charged with their murders.

During Xie’s committal hearing, crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi asked Ms Lin what she was saying to her husband in Cantonese during the emergency call.
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‘I don’t remember,’ she said.

‘I suggest that you said to him, I’m more scared than you are’,’ Mr Tedeschi said.

‘Yes, I said that,’ Ms Lin replied.

When asked why she was scared, Ms Lin said: ‘Because I didn’t know how to talk to police, I don’t know how to talk to the triple zero operator.’

Ms Lin rejected Mr Tedeschi’s assertion that she had a ‘heated argument’ with her husband after he refused to stay and talk to police, electing to drive away.

Instead, Ms Lin said she had asked him to go and pick up her parents.

When asked about the accuracy of one of the three transcripts of the emergency call, Ms Lin said most of it was incorrect.

The court was also shown black-and-white footage secretly filmed by police of Xie and Ms Lin’s kitchen and study in May 2010.

Mr Tedeschi alleged that Xie could be seen grabbing a shoe box, which he then unfolded and cut up, before disappearing from view flushing it down the toilet.

This happened just a matter of only hours after Ms Lin was questioned by the NSW Crime Commission about her husband’s sports shoes, the crown prosecutor said.

Last month Magistrate John Andrews ordered Ms Lin to give oral evidence at Xie’s hearing, which will decide whether he should stand trial for the five murders.

The prosecution argued that Ms Lin should be called to give evidence at the committal hearing because there were inconsistencies in her interviews with police and the NSW Crime Commission.

The hearing continues.

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