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Former bush fugitive and accused murderer Malcolm Naden stole talcum powder, a purple doona, a pair of sheepskin boots, a mirror and a book titled Dreams, court documents allege.

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Mr Naden, 38, is charged with 13 break-and-enter offences and one of entering a dwelling that allegedly occurred between 2007 and 2012.

His matter came before Central Local Court today but Mr Naden, who is yet to enter a plea on a range of charges, did not appear.

Police allege that, while breaking into rural properties, he stole thousands of items of food and clothing, as well as several weapons.

The missing items included more than a few dozen bottles of beer, toothbrushes and five kilograms of raw cashews. A real man with real needs…!!!

Property owners also reported that several pairs of binoculars, a semi-automatic rifle, knives and a solar-powered radio were stolen. How to survive in the bush whilst on the run.

Talcum powder, a purple doona, a pair of sheepskin boots, a mirror and a book titled Dreams also disappeared. Bare esentials for a bush fugitive in Australia.

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Did they mention the cookies and milk he stole under the guise of ‘Billy The Kid’

The former abattoir worker was captured in a remote area of Gloucester in the Upper Hunter region on March 22. Maybe he captured and killed kangaroos for food.

He had been on the run from police since 2005. Long time between drinks mate.

Mr Naden has also been charged with murder in connection with the death of Kristy Scholes in 2005 and two counts of aggravated indecent assault on a 12-year-old girl.

If he is guilty of murder then a slow death is too good for him. If not guilty it makes for great

Australian bushranger saga

He was also charged with the attempted murder of a police officer at Nowendoc on December 7, 2011. How often are these claims of attempted murder of a police officer over exaggerated.

Maybe he spat in the face of the police officer & it was interpreted as attempted murder by possible disease transmission…!! Or did he shoot the officer and the bullet grazed his brain leaving him in a coma. They leave us thinking the worst. Is this how we the Australian people of the past come to support to a great extent the folklore of the Australian bushranger or the Billy the kid legends of the American wild west?

Police also suspect he was involved in the disappearance of Lateesha Nolan, who went missing before Mr Naden disappeared in 2005.

Magistrate Clare Farnan adjourned today’s matter to the same court on August 7, when Mr Naden is expected to enter a plea to the indecent assault charges.

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