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The Opposition says Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has ”some explaining to do” after alleged people smuggler “Captain Emad” fled Australia on Tuesday night. HA-HA said the clown.

Coalition immigration spokesperson Scott Morrison said Captain Emad – who was living in Canberra – had “done a runner” on the current labour government’s watch.

Captain Emad left Australia only a day or so after a Four Corners report about his activities aired on Monday evening.

Officials & federal police were slow & powerless to act.

Mr Morrison said Captain Emad would not have been able to flee if he had been placed on a temporary protection visa.

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Australian Federal Police Commissioner Tony Negus told reporters in Canberra today that Captain Emadhad not been detained when he left Melbourne, despite an alert going out to authorities.Mr Negus said there was not enough evidence yet to detain him and that he had the right to the democratic presumption of innocence.”Yes, it’s frustrating,” Mr Negus said of the people smuggling case.But he said the federal police would go ahead with the “full force of the law” in investigating Captain Emad.This afternoon, Mr Morrison said Mr Bowen should answer questions about what advice he sought from the Immigration Department around cancelling Captain Emad’s visa.”(Mr Bowen) has some explaining to do,” Mr Morrison told reporters in Perth.


He also said that Mr Bowen should bring forward changes to the Migration Act to allow the minister to suspend or cancel visas: “to ensure someone like Captain Emad wasn’t able to just slip out of the country.”

Earlier this week, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has said he had “no tolerance” for people gaining refugee status based on false information and the government will investigate claims that people smugglers are based in Australia.

The AFP Commissioner said police had an idea of where Captain Mead had flown to, but would not reveal the location.

He also said it was highly unlikely that Captain Emad would be arrested overseas.
“There is little likelihood he would be arrested overseas and returned to Australia unless there is more evidence that can be collected prior to that eventuality ,” he said.

Mr Negus said that police had known about the alleged activities of Australian-based people smugglers before they were aired in a Four Corners report on Monday night.

He said the group had been the subject of an investigation for about two years and the investigation was ongoing be it at a snails pace.

Mr Negus said there were a number of suspects and a number of identities in their investigations into the group.

Four Corners reported that people smuggling agents had come to Australia by boat while posing as asylum seekers and had been granted residency.

The program confronted a man known as “Captain Emad” in the northern Canberra suburb of Gungahlin as he worked collecting supermarket trolleys.

He is alleged to have been involved with another Jakarta-based smuggler, Abu Ali Kuwaiti, a chief organiser for a voyage from Indonesia in which 97 people disappeared and are presumed to have drowned.

It is also claimed Captain Emad had been living in taxpayer-funded housing in Canberra while engaged in people smuggling.

Mr Negus said Four Corners had approached the federal police in February about its people smuggling program and that police had provided the ABC with some information about people smugglers.
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He said the federal police did not have “full visibility” of the program but noted that Four Corners had respected some of the “more sensitive elements” of their investigations.

Mr Negus noted that some of the information presented in the Four Corners report did not amount to evidence that was able to be used in a court of law.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has said he had “no tolerance” for people gaining refugee status based on false information and the government will investigate claims that people smugglers are based in Australia.

The federal police said that, since September 2008, 14 alleged organisers have been arrested, including five organisers who have been sentenced to up to seven years’ jail.

Other alleged organisers are before the court. Four alleged Australian-based organisers were arrested in March 2012.

Labor has been ridiculed by the opposition following the Four Corners report, with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott calling the government “utterly incompetent” at border protection.

“If the TV station can find [the people  smugglers], why can’t the government & federal police find & stop them?” Mr Abbott asked.

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