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Cannibal gang cooked victims

into meat pies & pastries

A twisted version of the saying ‘Indulging in pleasures of the flesh’

Details of a purported Brazilian cannibal gang that allegedly murdered at least five women before eating their flesh – and in some cases selling it in the form of meat pastries – have shaken the country.

Details of the incident began to trickle out after the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo released a video on its website at the weekend.

In the video Isabel Cristina da Silva, 51, said she and her husband and his 25-year-old girlfriend had eaten 10 kilograms of human flesh over the course of five days in the city of Garanhuns.

The procedure was part of a purification ritual for a sect to which they belonged, identified as Cartel.

The trio also apparently took some of the meat and cooked it into meat pastries which they sold on the street.

Investigators, who tracked the group down in the course of a missing persons case, said they had found buried human remains on the property where the three lived. The group was arrested on Friday.

The five-year-old daughter of one of the alleged victims was also found at the home, according to media reports.

Da Silva’s husband has reportedly written a book, Revelations of a Schizophrenic, in which he details how he kills a woman and eats her flesh.

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