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SHE lured policemen into her bed, then calmly pumped bullets into their colleagues, quickly rising to the top of the most wanted list of ETA terrorists. But the femme fatale known as La Tigresa – The Tigress – has gone from Basque separatist heroine to persona non grata.

After finally being captured and jailed, Idoia Lopez Riano renounced violence and apologised for her crimes – and as a result has been cast out by her former comrades.

Lopez, 49, assassinated 23 people as one of the leading commandos in the violent campaign for Basque independence during the 1980s. She was a lieutenant in the Madrid cell that in 1986 exploded a bomb in the Plaza Republica Dominicana that killed 12 Civil Guards, and another that killed five more later that year. Lopez was also blamed for shooting policemen as well as four soldiers and making an attempt to kill a high court judge.

She was captured in France and in 2003 sentenced to more than 1500 years in prison for her crimes, even though under Spanish law the maximum sentence is set at 30 years. However, despite becoming one of Spain’s most notorious terrorists, Lopez’s name no longer appears on the roll-call of ETA prisoners given to the group’s supporters.

Instead, she has become the latest prisoner to be expelled from ETA after condemning the use of violence and apologising to relatives of her victims.

The so-called Basque Political Prisoners Group dropped her name from its list for ”breaking with discipline”.

Earlier this year she signed a statement rejecting ETA’s strategy for violence and asked for forgiveness from the murdered men’s families.

It is believed that she may be one of the few prisoners who have agreed to participate in a ”program of reconciliation” in which victims come face to face with ETA prisoners.

Inclusion on the list of more than 700 ETA prisoners entitles the families of the inmates to financial support and ensures special privileges between members inside prison.

Banished prisoners are shunned by fellow ETA inmates and their families ignored.

Lopez was one of ETA’s most revered leaders, but her bedroom antics reportedly annoyed fellow militants. She allegedly could not resist seducing policemen before planned attacks and once slept with a road traffic officer after he stopped to help her change a tyre

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