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A man has been threatened by a robber who stole his purple Harley Davidson while he sat in Sydney traffic, in what police describe as a rare and brazen theft.

The motorcyclist was riding on Bernera Road, Prestons, when he stopped at a red light at the intersection of Yarrunga Street about 3.30pm yesterday. 13th Nov 2011

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The victim said he felt something being pressed into his back as a threat was made.

The man got off his bike and the thief got on and rode off along Camden Valley Way, police said.

Green Valley duty officer acting Inspector Paul Kremer said no weapon was seen during the theft.

“He just assumed that it would be there because of the threat that was made,” he said.

Acting Inspector Kremer said he was unable to elaborate on what the threat was or the exact details of how the theft unfolded.

He said this type of robbery was quite different

“It’s very rare, based on my experience. Certainly, it’s the first of this type of incident we’ve had in this area.

“Especially with a line of traffic behind you, it’s pretty brazen.”

The man, who was not injured, called police soon after his motorbike was stolen.

The bike is described as a purple 1994 Springer Harley Davidson.

Anyone who saw the incident or has seen the bike is asked to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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