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Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich Russian Don


Known as Boss of Bosses, he is most well known figure in Russian mafia history.Born in a middle class family ,started his criminal career from Lyuberetskaya crime group he led the most colourful and picturesque criminal career of modern times – involving money-laundering, trading in drugs, prostitution, smuggling uranium and stolen icons, and international banking fraud.

In the 1980’s Mogilevich allegedly bought up the properties of Russian Jews emigrating to Israel, promising to send on the funds. The money, however, was never sent. He lived and worked in Britain, the US and Canada. In the 1990’s he apparently transferred the base of his criminal operations to Hungary. Here, Mogilevich was allegedly involved in a network of prostitution and smuggling, living in a fortified villa outside Budapest.

His syndicate was also allegedly involved in trading art and antiques taken from museums and churches across the former Soviet bloc. He apparently even bought a factory producing anti-aircraft guns. Much of his money was allegedly laundered via London. In 1995 the British authorities closed down his UK operation – describing him in one classified report as “one of the world’s top criminals”, with an estimated £50m fortune. Mogilevich’s most sophisticated alleged fraud took place in Russia in 1994 when he took control of Inkombank, one of Russia’s largest private banks. It collapsed in 1998 under suspicions of money-laundering. The FBI put him on its most-wanted list in 2003. The US charges stem from a 2003 indictment in Philadelphia in which he is accused of manipulating the stock of a Pennsylvania-based company, YBM Magnex Inc. Source( .

Finally he was arrested, brought to trial & jailed in Moscow in January 2008.

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