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Dawood Ibrahim Indian Don


Dawood Ibrahim founder of Indian’s most notorious gang D-Company is No.4 in the world’s most wanted criminals by forbes 2008. According to USA intelligence  he maintains close links with Al-Qaida’s terrorist leaders.

Dawood was born in a poor family and his father Ibrahim Kaska was a police constable. Haji Mastan was a famous Smuggler in India those days and Dawood like other poor young men was inspired by him.Soon he joined his gang and started smuggling electronic items for him. Dawood was an extremely intelligent criminal and soon he became front line man for Haji Mastan. Batla a local hoodlum working for Haji had a clash with Dawood ,Mastan slapped Batla but Dawood wasn’t pleased so he parted company with Haji and started operating as an independant.

Later on he killed Batla ,this incident catapulted him to the upper echelons of the underworld.Within years Ibrahim established vast empire of many illegal business including smuggling , killing ,blackmailing ,liquor selling etc.

Dawood is believed to be involved in 1993 Bombay bombings and also the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Currently he is one of the most powerful international mafia dons of the world. Many believe that he has close links with governments of many countries and is currently staying in Dubai.

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