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Leigh Ritchie
January 21, 2011 – 4:36PM

Two teenage boys who admitted to serious sex charges with a 14-year-old girl were today spared a jail term and being put on a list of sex offenders.

The 15 and 16-year-old boys who plead guilty to the sexual penetration of a child over 13 and under 16 years of age were instead given supervision orders.

The pair and another teenage boy were charged after a 14-year old girl told police last September that sexually explicit footage taken on a mobile phone was being passed around at her school.

The girl was coerced to sneak out of home on August 27 to one of the boy’s home where he and five others were drinking alcohol.

In December last year Magistrate Kelvin Fisher sentenced the other 16-year-old boy to a nine month supervision order.

Magistrate Fisher today said he was compelled to set a deterrent once again.

“Your behaviour in this was a very serious departure from the expectations of your family, and the community and in fact is a very serious matter,” he today told the 16-year-old who will spend nine months under supervision.

Magistrate Fisher said an apology on the night given by the boy to the girl showed his culpability.

“She was a young girl and he knew what he was doing was wrong,” Magistrate Fisher said.

Magistrate Fisher said an underage girl coerced into group sex with strangers could not be dismissed as purely consensual, as the boys’ lawyers had argued.

But it did not warrant the full measure of the laws designed to protect underage girls from adult men.

The prosecution was unable to prove any of the boys charged had seen the girl have three large drinks of vodka.

The 15-year-old boy who the Magistrate said had been easily led by others and had the greater remorse was given six month’s supervision.

Neither boy had a criminal conviction recorded.

A boy charged with taking the footage appeared in court for the first time last week.

A 14-year-old boy caught with the images has had child pornography charges dropped because of successful compliance with the Bunbury Juvenile Justice Team

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