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Stolen property from

‘floor to ceiling’

04 Jul, 2011 05:01 PM
Police will spend days cataloguing what is believed to be one of the largest seizures of stolen property in the Australian Capital Territory
The stolen property was discovered this morning at 11.30 am following a search warrant on a house in south Canberra. 

Criminal Investigations members were surprised to find every room of the house filled with stolen items, with many of the rooms clogged from floor to ceiling with CDs, DVDs, clothing, stationery, computer hard drives and software.

Sergeant John Giles said he had never located such a large quantity of stolen property.

“The amount of property involved makes the mind boggle; and I envisage that we will be cataloguing property for many days to come,” he said in a statement.

Police are in the process of determining the exact value of the stolen property.

Sergeant Giles said he estimated the stolen property to be worth more than $800,000.

It is believed the items were shoplifted from stores across Canberra over a number of years.

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