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Guilty … a police officer takes off the handcuffs of defendant Jan O, whose face has been blurred in accordance with German law. Photo: AFP

A German court has ruled that a 26-year-old man who murdered two teenagers, chewing on parts of one of them and drinking her blood, will never be free again.

Jan O, dubbed the “Cannibal Killer”, was given a life sentence by the court in Goettingen, central Germany.

He will be sent to a psychiatric unit and will never be released because of the danger he posed to the public.

The defendant had admitted to strangling 14-year-old Nina last November, drinking her blood and chewing bits of flesh from her neck in order, the court found, to “satisfy his sexual desires”.

Five days later he strangled 13-year-old Tobias when the boy stumbled across Nina’s body in woodland. He initially thought the boy was a girl because of his long hair.

Presiding judge Ralf Guenther said that the alcoholic and drug addict had committed “unimagineable crimes, taking a daughter from her mother and a son from his parents.”


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