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Baby killed in microwave,

police say

June 22, 2011 – 1:27PM

US police have arrested a 29-year-old mother after an investigation found her baby probably died from burns suffered in a microwave oven.

Ka Yang was being held without bail in Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of murder and assault resulting in the death of a child.

She was arrested on Tuesday, three months after her otherwise healthy six-week-old daughter, Mirabelle Thao-Lo, was found dead in the family home on March 17.

Police described the child as suffering “extensive thermal injuries”.

Officer Laura Peck said the arrest took so long because investigators had to pinpoint what they believe was the cause of death by looking for other cases involving similar injuries.

They found three in the US, all after children were burned in a microwave: in Dayton, Ohio; Galveston, Texas; and New Kent County, Virginia.

“This is rare. The injuries were obviously very unique,” Ms Peck said.

“There have been only three other documented cases in the entire country where the injuries were consistent with this case. Those children were also burned and placed in the microwave.”

She said police do not know a motive.

“We wouldn’t assess her mental condition. That will be up to the court system,” Ms Peck said. “The bottom line is no one knows what happened in that house but her and the little baby.”

Yang has three other children, all aged under seven, who were removed from the home the day their sister was found dead. They are now living with relatives.


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