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Doctor faces court

over emergency room sex attack

Aja Styles

May 30, 2011 – 4:04PM

A 20-year-old woman has given a graphic account of a sexual attack, allegedly at the hands of a doctor, during a medical examination in the Royal Perth Hospital emergency department in February last year.

RPH endocrinologist Suhail Ahmad Khan Durani, 35, denies twice sexually penetrating the woman with his fingers and fondling her breasts on three occasions on February 20 while she was being treated for a diabetic illness.

He faces a judge-only trial in the Perth District Court before Judge Allan Fenbury.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, broke down in tears as she testified how the doctor had not worn gloves as he put his fingers inside her on two separate occasions.

“When he first put his hand down there he said ‘I like it shaved’ … in reference to my pubic hair, because I was shaved,” she told the court.

“I just felt really shocked when he said that.”

She told the court she did not react immediately because he had told her he wanted to examine whether she had an infection in her reproductive system stemming from her Type 1 diabetes.

When questioned by state prosecutor Paul Yovich whether doctors had ever examined her in that way she said no, despite having been to hospital numerous times for her diabetes.

She told the court how he had earlier cupped her breast and tweaked her nipples in a scissor-like action while using a stethoscope to check her breathing.

“I did not take any notice because he was like an authority figure and I had my trust in him,” she told the court.

The woman had been a diabetic since she was nine years old and on that day had suffered diabetic ketoacidosis, a severe sickness brought on when her blood-sugar levels got too high.

She told the court she was taken to hospital by her parents after she began vomiting that morning. She had been out the previous night at a fancy-dress party and alcohol and a cannabis-related drug, THC, was found in her system.

She told a different doctor that she smoked cannabis daily and had suffered from depression and asthma.

She testified that despite her poor health, she was alert and aware of her surroundings and could identify the doctor who had allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Mr Yovich told judge Fenbury that after the assault nurses found her “visibly distressed and crying”.

Defence lawyer George Papamihail questioned the woman’s credibility in his opening address, labelling her a drug user who did not take care of herself or her diabetes treatment.

Mr Papamihail said the woman ”has a need to be felt sorry for”.

The trial before Judge Allan Fenbury continues.

– with AAP 

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