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Massey ‘scared’ in fight

29 Apr, 2011 12:00 AM
Murder accused Rebecca Massey says she was angry, scared and ”shitting herself” during a violent confrontation in which she stabbed Elizabeth Booshand outside a Charnwood chicken shop three years ago.The 37-year-old gave emotional evidence in the ACT Supreme Court yesterday, saying she pulled out a knife and stabbed Ms Booshand, her former friend, to protect herself during a struggle.

She said she was shocked to learn that the other woman had died and she had never intended to kill her.

Massey, of Ngunnawal, is accused of killing Ms Booshand in an altercation after the two women crossed paths at Charnwood shops on July 25, 2008.

Ms Booshand was stabbed six times and underwent an emergency procedure at Canberra Hospital but died later.

Dressed in a purple chiffon top with chandelier earrings and black trousers, Massey described herself as ”just a mum” as she took the stand.

She told the court that she had known Ms Booshand for 15-20 years.

Massey described Ms Booshand as a drug dealer and said their relationship had been hostile for five or six years.

Two or three weeks before the stabbing, she said, the two women argued at Charnwood shops when Elizabeth Booshand called her a ”f—ing slut” and she responded by sticking up her finger.

She said the encounter descended into ”yelling and screaming” and Ms Booshand threw a punch at her.

”She said ‘you’re f—ing gone, you’re dead, slut,’ or words to that effect,” Massey said.

On the day of the stabbing, July 25, Massey said a friend called to warn her that Ms Booshand had said, ”Tell that Massey c— that I’ve got a blade with her name on it.”

Massey said she had begun carrying a pocket knife because she was scared Ms Booshand would stab her.

Asked why she did not take out a protection order against Ms Booshand, she said it was impossible and she would have been called a ”dog” for seeking help from police or the court system.

Massey said she had previously led a life of drug-taking and drinking but at the time of the stabbing had been turning her life around and was taking Valium and methadone.

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