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Tasmania Police in Australia have established a cybercrime unit to handle fraud, hacking and denial-of-service attacks.

Tasmania Police(Tasmania Police vehicles image by
Barrylb, public domain)

The team will be composed of about 14 recruits and existing crack investigators from across the Apple Isle.

Its main target will be regular and online fraud, although it will assist police with local, national and overseas computer crime investigations.

“Just about any scam you can think of [that] operates online,” Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Manhood said.

Until now, online crime had been handled by general police investigators, but it now requires complex skill sets, according to Manhood.

“It is very hard for generalist detectives to maintain. By consolidating into a group, we can develop new skills and retain the specialist skills we have.”

The unit will be composed of nine staff in Hobart, and five spread across the north of the state. It has opened four new positions that will be filled with police recruits.

The police will put investigators through required training. Manhood said the police began its foray into online crime battling fraudulent online auctions.

He said that attrition is a problem for some state police units. Officers have signed on to 10-year contracts as part of efforts to retain skilled staff.

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