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Four police officers had to be taken to hospital for treatment after two separate assaults in Perth suburbs over the weekend.

Police said two officers were called to a property in Bower Street, Doubleview about 3pm yesterday amid reports of a man damaging property with a shovel.

While the officers were speaking with the complainant, police allege a 57-year-old man appeared and began to damage the police vehicle with the shovel. 

He then allegedly turned on the police, striking a female officer to her head and the male officer was struck on his arm.

The officers deployed the Taser in an attempt to subdue the man.

The 57-year-old Doubleview man was arrested and charged. The female officer sustained a deep gash to her head, and required sutures. The male officer required stitches for a deep gash to his arm.

In a separate incident, police were called to a property in Princess Road, Balga about 11pm last night following up on reports of a disturbance.

Two females were taken into custody, and while at the Mirrabooka Police Station, police allege one of the females has bitten an officer on the arm. Another officer received a laceration in the incident.

A 16-year-old girl was charged.

Both officers required medical treatment for their injuries.

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