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Glassing model Scolaro

granted parole

Aja Styles

March 1, 2011

A photo of Eva Scolaro dressed up as a glassing victim provoked outrage.
A photo of Eva Scolaro dressed up as a glassing victim provoked outrage. Photo: Channel Ten

Former model Eva Scolaro has won an early reprieve to her 12-month jail term handed down after a vicious glassing attack that left a 27-year-old woman with permanent scarring to her face.

Ms Scolaro has been granted parole, six months into her year-long sentence. She is due for release from Bandyup Women’s Prison on March 14.

Scolaro glassed Roxanne Hemsley to the face during an argument over a drink being spilled down Scolaro’s back at The Library nightclub in Northbridge on March 8, 2009.

Ms Hemsley, a mother of a young child, has since suffered severe depression and has shied away from any public attention.

Scolaro tried to appeal her jail sentence after Magistrate Paul Heaney claimed the attack was unprovoked. Internal CCTV footage of the club revealed that the fight did in fact begin over a drink being spilled.

In considering her appeal, Chief Justice Wayne Martin reduced the jail term from 18 months to 12, but did not suspend the sentence altogether on the grounds that Scolaro had shown no remorse to her victim.

To support his judgement, he referred to photographs that had since surfaced of her dressed up like a glassing victim – complete with mock facial wounds – at a Halloween party.

The photographs were taken just after she was charged with the assault and prior to her trial last year.

The Prisoner’s Review Board found that Scolaro had since expressed remorse and empathy for her victim and had accepted responsibility for her criminal behaviour.

During its deliberations on February 9, the board found that Scolaro’s minimal criminal history, lack of prior record, her completion of voluntary courses to address her offending behaviour and strong family and community support meant she was eligible for parole at the first available opportunity.

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