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Man shot by police

in suburban street

Aja Styles

February 9, 2011 – 2:58PM

Police cars patrol at the scene of the shooting.
Police cars patrol at the scene of the shooting. Photo: Aja Styles

Police have locked down a residential street in Perth’s south-east suburbs after a man was shot by officers this afternoon.

The shooting occurred in the back yard of a house on Quenda Drive in Canning Vale after a woman returned to the address about 11am to find a man trying to break into the house.

She called police at 11.50am and two officers from Canning Vale police station who were patrolling nearby arrived on the scene about noon. When they confronted the man in the backyard, he allegedly produced a handgun.

Police and detectives at the scene of the shooting.
Police and detectives at the scene of the shooting. Photo: Aja Styles

It was unclear whether one of the officers produced a Taser, but the confrontation ended after three shots were fired at the man by one of the officers.

It is not known how many of the bullets struck the alleged intruder.

The Cannington man, aged 32, was shot in the arm and stomach. The officers at the scene rendered first aid on the man until the ambulance arrived.

His injuries are not considered life-threatening and he has been taken to Royal Perth Hospital. He is reportedly known to police.

The two officers did not sustain any injuries in the confrontation but have been offered counselling. The woman who called the officers was shaken but was not caught up in the gunfire.

The surrounding area has been cordoned off as detectives investigate the incident, with forensic ballistics experts called in. Internal Affairs officers are also at the scene to investigate the discharging of a police firearm.

Neighbour Jenny Davidson was one of the first on the scene and saw police speak to a male neighbour who the woman had run to for help, but said she had not heard the gunshots.

“I was worried about my kids because we had heard someone was trying to abduct children, and when we heard the police vehicles we thought there may have been shots fired near the school,” she said.

The house had only recently been built and the woman had moved in only in the past three months, Ms Davidson said.

She said the area had recently been plagued by hoon drivers, as well as a number of break-ins. There was about 2500 people living on the new estate built in the former industrial area.

The last person shot by police in WA was Daniel Rolph, who died in the garden of his Floreat home in January 2007 after stabbing a police officer during a violent confrontation. Mr Rolph had a history of mental illness.

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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